Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The 100

The tower at Polis is where we start and a little domestic bliss. Lexa is sleeping and Clarke is drawing her. Aww... but alas Lexa is having a nightmare and wakes with a start. She says her ancestors feel she is betraying them, by not going to war against Arkadia. Clarke tells her a ceasefire is not a betrayal. Titus then shows up and seems nonplussed (love that word) to see Clarke there. Heh get used to Clexa baby... okay. Anyway he has a gift from King Roan of Azgeda- for Clarke. They open the trunk and it's... Emerson! He lunges at Clarke and cuts her but they drag him off. Woo this one is starting with a bang!

Pike's people are taking water and soil samples and Octavia is spying, reporting back to Kane. Then a Grounder kid shows up and Gillmer wants to shoot him. They go after the kid and Octavia swings into action, and saves the kid- and tells Kane he needs to find out what Pike is up to. Raven meanwhile is being examined by Abby and guess what- she's pain free. Thanks to the City of Light apparently. She seems quite happy but of course Abby is skeptical. Kane and Nate are going to break into Pike's quarters to look around, and Kane has to buy time while Nate plants a listening device. He gets into it with Pike and Bellamy about the imprisoned Grounders.

Jaha is passing out happy pills to Arkadians (they're so dumb) and Pike meets with his people about expanding. They have found rich soil and want to plant crops- the only problem is there's a grounder village where they want to plant. Bellamy again takes exception to them wiping it out, and him and Pike debate- but in the end Bellamy agrees to do what needs to be done. I'm starting to think Bell is going to reach his limit very soon- after all he points out that Lexa has agreed to a ceasefire, surely they can't keep attacking Grounders?And... Kane and Nate (and Octavia too) are listening in with their eavesdropping device- so they hear it all.

Clexa Discussion - The 100 Season 3 Episode 6

Back to Polis. Titus and Lexa are having a disagreement about Clarke when she shows up. They talk about what to do with Emerson, and Clarke agrees with Titus that he should die- which then makes Lexa wonder why Clarke can take vengeance on him, but she can't avenge the massacred Grounders. You walked into that one, Clarkie. So Clarke has a decision to make- they can banish Emerson, or he can die at Clarke's hands, by 49 cuts. Nice people, these Grounders! Octavia is off to warn the Grounder village about the upcoming attack, and Nate asks what about their people if they're ambushed? She replies that stopping the attack may be stopping a war, and off she goes.

We check back in Raven, who's a happy camper. Jaha and ALIE show up and of course want something. ALIE wants version two of her AI program, and Raven questions it at first, but then agrees. Bellamy and crew head out, and we get some heavy foreshadowing that people are going to die- is Monty going to lose his mom (she's one of Pike's diehards) and Nate's boyfriend Bryan is also going. Octavia meanwhile reaches the Grounder village and warns them.

So... Octavia thinks they're evacuating the village, but actually they're setting a trap. She protests and they knock her out, saying she knows nothing about them. So much for trying to help. Sometimes I don't know who the bigger assholes are- Grounders or Skaikru. Raven gets ALIE into the mainframe, and Jasper shows up. Clarke faces Emerson and he tells her he doesn't want mercy, he wants revenge. He had two children who died when she irradiated the Mt. Weather people... again Clarke has to face what she did. She finds Titus in her room and he wants to make peace with her. He tells her the policy of not retaliating will get Lexa killed, and wants her to see that taking vengeance on Emerson is no different than Grounders retaliating against Arkadia. She won't help him start a war against her people though, and he says they are at impasse. Looks like trouble brewing...

Then some freaky shit goes down. Jasper is about to take a happy pill but Abby interrupts, and asks Jaha about the science. How do they work? He tells her (prompted by ALIE) that it's silicon- based and interrupts pain receptors. She asks if he would have given it to Wells without testing, and he doesn't know who that is- until ALIE reminds him that Wells was his son. Yikes! Is this really Jaha? Abby takes the happy pills, but ALIE tells Jaha not to worry

Bellamy's crew arrive at the village and the villagers have prepared their trap. Bellamy, like an idiot, has them enter the village. Tactically stupid, Bell. Octavia escapes but the trap is sprung and someone dies. Monty almost does too, and Octavia is recaptured. The moment arrives to deal with Emerson, and Clarke spares him. Blood must not have blood. Lexa banishes him, and I think we haven't seen the last of him. Pike tells Bellamy to get proof that Kane is leaking info to Octavia. And... Titus has Murphy and is torturing him for info about Clarke. Raven tells Jaha and ALIE that the AI they're looking for- called Becca- is not on the Ark. Jaha says there was another space station- Polaris- but they don't know where and then we see at least part of it where Titus is torturing Murphy... Hmm.


  1. Ok...soo...I was totally going to discuss the episode BUT I realized while reading this that even though I think I can multitask while watching a tv show, I really can't. I don't remember half of this episode and I already deleted it from my DVR. Whoops. Next week I'll pay more attention!

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

  2. I didn't like the episode too much. A lot is going on but it seems to go nowhere. I want to see Roan again, or what's his name, the new Ice King? He seemed intriguing. I want to know more about the Ice Nation, since they seem to be this season's new enemy. I want Pike dead, Bellamy back in the game and not just doing whatever he is doing now.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  3. So, I didn't recap this one because all I really wanted to do was yell at Mrs. Monty, Pike, and Jaha, and tell them all to get their heads out of their asses. And that didn't seem like much of a recap, plus Amber was posting our chat this week. BUT. Then yesterday happened. (I won't say anything of course, in case you didn't see it yet!) But I actually forgot that ANY of this happened until I read your post! It was like, shaking me back into reality- in a sense that, crap, Pike and Jaha still exist.

    I still feel like there has to be more to Pike's story. And I love the picture at the end where we can see the 'POL" and they're talking about Polaris! SO intriguing, and kind of worth the wait!

    The trap thing with Octavia made me SO mad though- the girl cannot win! She tries to do the right thing, and ALLLL the people hate her. So unfair. The people I DON'T hate on this show are dwindling every week!

    Fabulous recap as usual! I cannot wait for all of the recaps from last night's episode!!!