Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Dance with Dragons Jon X/ Daenerys VIII

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Welcome to my A Dance with Dragons re- read. This week we are reading Jon X and Daenerys VIII. Last time Jon had just received Alys Karstark at the Wall- she was fleeing her uncle Cregan, who wants to marry her so he can get his hands on Karhold. And Dany is newly married to Hizdahr. So let's take a look...

There's a wedding taking place at the Wall! Alys Karstark is marrying the new Magnar of Thenn. And Melisandre is officiating. Why is this happening? Well Alys' uncle Cregan is after her to marry him so he can inherit Karhold, so by marrying the Thenn she nixes that.  After the ceremony Jon talks to Melisandre, and she says that Patchface is dangerous. Also she is looking for Stannis but sees only snow- same when she looks for Mance. She tells Jon his danger is very close now, but he still doesn't heed her. 

At the feast Jon and Alys get along well, remembering a visit she made to Winterfell with her father when she was young. He gets a letter from Eastwatch informing him that eleven ships have sailed for Hardhome, and that Ser Glendon Hewett is in charge at Eastwatch in Pyke's absence. Jon remembers the man was a friend of Alliser Thorne. Then Axell Florent pesters Jon about Val and a horn blows. Val has returned- with Tormund Giantsbane. 


So Val is back... setting the stage for Jon's allying with the wildlings. I think it curious that Melisandre doesn't like Patchface- he may be no big deal but I suspect there's more. What will happen with Cregan, and will Alys Karstark play a role in future events? I rather like her. 


Dany is at her wedding feast and is not having a good time. She is miffed that the Yunkai'i who have come to her wedding are flaunting their slavetrading in front of her, and the fighting pits have been reopened to celebrate. This rankles her also. It seems like everything she fought for has to be sacrificed for the peace, and it doesn't sit well. The mercenary companies are represented as well, and Brown Ben Plumm is there. She had to send hostages outside the city to guarantee safe passage. Daario was one of them. 

Dany runs into Plumm and he mentions that he bid on a gift for her (that would be Tyrion from his last chapter) but the price went too high. She's not happy he left her service and talks to Barristan about possibly turning some of the other mercs. She orders him to set Pretty Meris free and send her back to the Tattered Prince, to feel him out on possibly coming over to Dany's side. She then asks to see Quentyn and takes him down to see the dragons. 

"My marriage need not be the end of all your hopes. I know why you are here."
"For you," said Quentyn, all awkward gallantry. 
"No," said Dany, "For fire and blood." 


Not a lot happens here other than we see that Dany is dissatisfied with the terms of the peace, and she has no intention of taking Quentyn up on his offer, telling him he should go home. Again all set up for the confrontation that is to come... 

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