Thursday, March 3, 2016

Alex and Ada Vol. 2

Alex + Ada, Vol. 2

Alex and Ada Vol. 2 picks up where the first book left off- Ada has been unlocked and is now a sentient android. She is settling into life with Alex but has to be careful not to reveal she is sentient as it is illegal. So she can't really go out in public and if she does she has to be very careful. This volume explores the feelings that begin to develop between Alex and Ada- at first Ada explores all the sensory experiences, figuring out what  she likes and that kind of thing. She soon becomes aware of love and feels an attraction to Alex- but he is unsure and doesn't want to take advantage of her, and by doing so manages to push her away. 

Ada isn't sure what to do and in the meantime one of Alex's friends may not have their best interests at heart, harboring a resentment against their burgeoning relationship. And at the same time there is the ongoing debate in society about the androids and whether they're a danger- and when the government begins a crackdown on renegade sentients things get more dangerous for Alex and Ada. 


I'll be honest, with a story like this you wonder about their relationship and if they'll go there... and I think that aspect of the story was handled well for the most part. And that's the main thrust of this storyline- where do their feelings take them? Even as they struggle with this Ada manages to attract unwanted attention. 

The writing and art continue to be good. I like graphic novels to be readable and clear, without having to try and figure out muddled artwork, and this delivers. The story is easy to follow and compelling and I found myself caring about Ada and her situation, which is a testament to the writer Sarah Vaughn who I think really delivers. It's not the most edgy or cutting edge story out there, but it works. Things are a little dicey for Alex and Ada at the end of this one and I'm looking forward to seeing how their story finishes in Vol. 3. 


  1. I am trying to get into graphic novels. This looks like a good one.

  2. I've read one graphic novel and while I enjoyed it I never picked up any more. I love this look of this one though and I like that you do really develop a connection to Ada. I may just have to check this one out!

  3. That's great that you're continuing to enjoy the series. It does seem like a rather subdued kind of graphic novel, but it seems like it makes up for that by being very character driven.

  4. It sounds like an interesting series with the android plot line and their growing relationship. I am glad to hear you're enjoying this series so far! And the artwork looks good too and all colour pictures are still weird as most graphic novels I read have been manga's and those are black and white, so all coloured pictures seem like a luxury. I hope volume 3 is good too!