Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Black Spot S1E7 The Secret Behind the Window

This one picks up right after the last episode with Bertrand Steiner being arrested. Embarrassing. The problem I have with this one is Lauréne's blind spot regarding Bertrand- does she really think he could have done it? Siriani goes after Bertrand hard, and in a sense this episode spends a lot of time pushing that narrative, and then... it changes. She gets the blood test results back that she collected a while ago, and Leila tells her that they contain belladonna. 

This leads to her finding Marion's body. This is such a powerful ending- in a sense the episode doesn't really work for me due to the angle about Bertrand possibly being guilty- but then at the very end they knock it out with that powerful scream. And we get all the hints, from the belladonna to other possibilities, that Lauréne and possibly Cora, have some kind of mystical connection to the wilderness?  


  1. I enjoyed Siriani as a character in this show. I really did enjoy it very much :-D