Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Black Spot S1E6 Dark Heroes

A car crash and a child trapped inside a burning vehicle. Steiner pulls up and we see this is a flashback, as Steiner's daughter Marion is still there. She's missing now, of course. Cora is still being spied on by Roman- through a cam on her computer. And one of Steiner's goons finds the body in the tree- the guy that something snatched away when Cora and Roman were in the woods. We find out as well that the elder Steiner is keeping Bertrand in the dark about some things, namely his nefarious activities. 

Our major suspects something after a tragedy occurs, and begins digging which doesn't sit well with certain others. Man, this town is corrupt. We have a creepy coach victimizing swim team members and Cora is getting dragged deeper into Roman's activities. Her friend Rudy is a little jealous and turns over Roman's name to one of the Steiner thug dudes. And LaurĂ©ne has a serious blind spot about her on- again off- again lover who happens to be married. 

Oh, and Steiner gets arrested at the end of this one.