Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Panic Season One Episode Four

 So our girl Heather is locked up in a pit or something and Spurlock is trying to shoot people. Dodge though is cool as ice and sneaks in a back entrance while Spurlock is going apeshit in the front. Dude has like a bunker. Meth lab? This was one of my favorite parts of the book so I'm glad they're really milking the Spurlock stuff. Ooh there's a list of names- all players of Panic. 

So Troy's in the house. 

Ray's brother Luke is back in town. 

Jimmy and Abby had points the previous year. 

Mac and cheese and beer. Mom pays her back $400. She goes to Bishop's but Leila is there. That was needlessly dumb. Come on, do we have to go there? 


Ray and Heather are gonna happen! 

I knew it- makeout sesh. Writing could have been better. 

Is Bishop a judge?  


  1. Is this any good? Worth watching? I haven't read the book yet either.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. So weird...gotta try prime one day

  3. I keep forgetting this is baded on a book. I wonder how the book manages to capture all the suspense? I do like how you've summed up key scenes!

  4. Me over here trying to peer pressure everyone else down this absurd rabbit hole bwhaha. I am impressed that you remember the book, because I remember NOTHING. You know, this is what Riverdale COULD have been with better (ANY grade school schmuck would have worked) writing and characters. Campy but still fabulous.

  5. OMG I really enjoyed this show. After the first episode I wasn't sure, but it did grow on me!