Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Black Spot S1E4 No More Walks in the Woods

Cora's been kidnapped. I think those Children of Arduinna fuckers nabbed her after they caught her looking into them. Lauréne wakes up and she's not in her room. And some kids are messing around in the woods and hear strange noises, find some weird ritual kinda stuff, and a girl named Sophie ends up deceased. They go out and find all these animal parts hanging from a tree. Niice. Sophie is still missing- they find her dress, not a good sign- and of the two guys with her, one is dead and the other in shock. Cora, meanwhile, gets roughed up but then realizes her kidnapper is Roman, a guy she met at the library. 

She wants to join the Children of Arduinna cause she hates the Steiners. Lauréne keeps calling her even though she's a terrible mom and is never home. And it turns out the kids were in the woods for their All-nighter, a tradition in Villefranche where kids stay in the woods all night when they turn 18. Considering this is Villefranche, with a horned Wood God or something lurking out there, seems like a bad idea.  

Our major Lauréne has not so good memories of her All-nighter. And Roman shows Cora around the Arduinna place. We get some flashbacks to Lauréne's All- nighter all those years ago and some of the locals think All- nighters should be banned, but Sabine disagrees and says it is one of the last connections to the forest they have. Cue to Lauréne in the woods just before her ordeal, and there are strange glowing motes floating about.  

Siriani decides to snoop into Lauréne's medical records from twenty years ago, and ooh the plot thickens. The kid killed in the woods was banging his friend's mom. So now the husband is suspected. Siriani gains Lauréne's respect though when he figures out who really did it. 


  1. Esta cada vez m{as interesante . Que hara Laurene. Te mando un beso

  2. hello, thanks for stopping by. didn't watch it. i've just finished "the irregulars" on netflix. have a ncie day!

  3. The craziness continues! Freaky revelation about the kid that was killed in the woods.

  4. Lauréne really is a shit mom, right? Also, I agree with the Anti-All-Nighters. Like, if you told me there were tons of murders at the local Walmart, guess where my ass would not be going!? Just stop it and get some common sense! I feel like with some of these fools' deaths, it's just natural selection doing its thing 🤷

  5. Haven't started this one yet but we finished Black Summer and I think my friend and I are going to try Panic once we get through our last 3 Never Have I Ever epsiodes.

    Karen @For What It's Worth