Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Black Spot S1E2 A Wolf's Dream

Lauréne is in the woods and encounters a white wolf. Not only that, but the wolf is apparently watching over a human baby? Oh, and we get a flashback to when Lauréne was found- by her old flame Bertrand Steiner- in the woods twenty years ago- with two of her fingers missing. We also meet Gérald Steiner, the family patriarch- and Bertrand's father- and he's an asshole. That's clear from the outset, and he doesn't get along with Bertrand's wife Léa either.  

Lauréne investigates and ooh the baby was kidnapped the night before from the hospital? And there's a witness who saw the baby being left while having sex in the woods. 

These are the most slovenly ass cops I've ever seen. 

So they take a tracking dog in the woods and they find the nurse who left the baby. She's dead, naturally. And there's something else in the woods with them, something that freaks out the dog. They never see what it is though, but Teddy Bear accidentally shoots Lauréne with his tranq dart. Oopsie.

Flashback to when Lauréne was recovering in the hospital twenty years ago.   

Wait, the baby's missing again??? 

Lauréne sees the wolf again, or senses it... in the forest. 

They get a ransom note for 100,000 euros, and Bertrand Steiner fronts the money, saying he wishes he'd get a note for his missing daughter Marion. They have the drop off staked out- by a waterfall- and it turns out it's not a ransom case at all, but revenge. The kidnapper blames the father for his wife's death and wants to inflict the same pain- and he drops the baby in a river. 

Cut to Lauréne twenty years ago- and we see her father. Then back in the present Lauréne encounters the wolf again on the road, and chases it into the woods. The wolf leads her to the baby- yes, he's alive- and thank gosh because I couldn't take that. And... we get the wolf again... 


  1. These books look so good that I want to read them
    5x5 closure wig

  2. Seems lot and back and forth for me

  3. I thought you'd given up recapping this show. It does seem to get spookier, what with the wolf stalking the missing baby, in a very Remus Romulus style, haha.

  4. Whoa I've missed a lot. This show sounds crazy!

  5. There's so much going on here, I don't even know where to start!

  6. Flashbacks, a missing baby, a wolf... that's a lot going on!

  7. I'm not sure this one is something I would like but I've had it on my list to try,

    I will give Panic a go though and let you know when I finish Black Summer - this weekend I think.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  8. As you already know, my list is too dang long(lol), but I may have to add this one. Sounds pretty interesting. Hope you're continuing to feel better, and sending lots of hugs, Gorgeous Greg! RO

  9. Crap, I only remember the characters by the absurd names I give them in my head (like French Mr Bean, what is his name?) I loved Teddy Bear though. I also forget a lot of what happened in this. But seriously I cannot handle bad stuff happening to babies and kids either, so that is a plus.

  10. Yea!! Something new to try on Netflix. We just finished with Sweet Tooth. Loved it.

    Have a good weekend!

    Elza Reads