Thursday, April 29, 2021

Fear 26

The environmental themes are strong in this one as Morbius faces the nihilistic cult that seeks to enslave humanity. It's a war of super science vs sorcery as the Caretakers seek to bring their genetically engineered superpeople to life. All you know what breaks looks and Morbius is a helpless sacrifice to be until Tara (yes Tara the young girl who seemingly died last issue) shows up and saves him. And we get the revelation of her origin- spoilers obvs- Tara, it turns out, was the first of the genetically engineered people the Caretakers have been growing in their tubes. 

Not only that, but is Tara the true villain here? The Caretakers and the sorcerer sure think so, or at least they do enough to join forces and try to kill her. And Morbius learns that Tara's a vampire too- a psychic vampire, who feeds on chaos and destruction. And ooh it turns out the sorcerer was once a Caretaker- and that she's fooled them into being enemies. As the place collapses around Morbius he must make a fateful decision- does he kill Tara to save everyone else? Can he kill a child?
Well, actually I guess he can. He at first refuses, but then succumbs, once more, to his blood lust. 

"...a child, yes, whose blood will be sweet..." 

"And still Morbius sucks the blood from the child's tender throat, his fangs gouging deeper, his lips pulsing greedily..." 

Creepy stuff! Saves the day, but at what cost? Granted, she wasn't really a child, but still. Morbius agonizes as he leaves over whether he is a monster, also ironically notes that as  synthetic being her blood wasn't even that satisfying. He still thirsts and must now hunt for human blood. As I've said before, this is not a feel good comic. 


  1. The idea of a psychic vampire is pretty interesting. Definitely a dark comic though.

  2. No, definitely not feel-good. And also Morbius is a Drama King. He agonizes, but in the end always gives in. Is there supposed to be some redemption arc for him? I wonder how this series will go

  3. Yikes. I do not know what to think of this at all. Glad you are reading it and not me.