Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Girls 9

Girls #9

So the secret is out. Taylor is now outed as having kept things from the townsfolk, just as Ethan and Wes did. Although she has a good point when she asks if they would have believed her anyway. Everyone is pissed at Ethan though and violence breaks out, but luckily Ted shows up. Meanwhile, Wes and his crew are looking for a way out and having serious disagreements. 

Girls #9

Wes is seriously getting on my nerves but the reverend at least is making sense. The Picketts, meanwhile, are burying Ma and junior is mumbling some kinda promise. That can't be great. Also, the gender role stuff and interaction between townspeople just keeps happening.  

"...steamed vegetable gone, egg roll gone. Fridge almost empty. Howard, talk to them."

Ying-ma is not happy.

"Ying-ma, I can't tell them to stop eating." 

"Not "stop eating." Stop eating like pig!"

The scene with the bear is pretty funny... until it isn't. Cole does something very dumb. You just never know in this comic!

Again, this is as much about how people survive (if they do) in a crisis as much as it's about the "girls". Karen tries to talk Ted into getting everyone to to cut back on resources, but he doesn't. No one steps up.

Nancy is a serious pain in the ass. Taylor says Ethan cheated on her- he thought they broke up (she moved out) but she thought they were still together. Even though they didn't speak for six months! These two are a mess!

Wes and crew are stuck at the house they hid from the bear in. And to top it off- Ma is gone!!  


  1. Are these still being published, or is the entire series out? 📚

  2. I know I've never read anything like this before.

  3. This sounds interesting, with the whole survival thing, and the parallel to what's going on in the world right now.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  4. Sounds like another crazy installment in this series, lol.

  5. I mean, Taylor and Ethan are about 20 years too late for the 'we were on a break!' argument ;)