Thursday, May 30, 2019

Arctica Vol. 3 The Prehistoric Passenger

Arctica Vol. 3: The Prehistoric Passenger

Arctica Vol. 3 picks up right after volume 2 with Dakota, Mismy and the Child on the run from the Doge as well as the European secret service. Dakota's handler is fed up with not being kept in the loop and when he informs his superior of the situation they decide Dakota is a liability, and needs to be removed. Dakota though has other problems- namely the bounty hunter Costa who has followed him to the Cyclades. Dakota manages to get away with the help of Tatiana (Costa's girlfriend). 

They go to Istanbul where Dakota enlists the aid of his ex-wife to save the occupant of the cryogenic chamber they've been lugging around. The occupant of the chamber is the Child's grandfather, having been preserved in suspended animation for ten thousand years. They're able to save him but between the secret service and the Doge's people Dakota has no chance to catch his breath. Things get worse when the Child is taken and Dakota screws up the rescue- Mimsy gets taken with the Child to some underwater base, while Dakota is almost murdered by old colleagues when the secret service gets him. 

This was quite the fast paced installment. The series is really taking off now, and the forces arrayed against Dakota are quite ruthless. They kill anyone who gets in the way. He's got his hands full trying to keep the Child alive, and with him now separated I'm anxious to see where the two stories go. Dakota will need to find Mimsy and the child, of course, but in the meantime Mimsy is now the only thing between the Child and the Doge. 

I liked the art in this one. The scenery is amazing- there are nice shots of Istanbul and the early scenes in the Cyclades are beautiful as well. And this has the trademark twists and turns, as well as the sometimes sly humor, that I've come to enjoy in these comics. 

All in all this was a win and a great continuation of the story.  


  1. The cover art has been stellar. 👍✨

  2. I love how bright and colorful this cover is! Does sound like there's a lot going on in this one and a lot of action, but that can make for a gripping story! Glad it was great!

  3. That's a great cover. A cryogenic chamber and an underwater base...that sounds really intriguing.