Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Travelers 03x06 Philip

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Travelers season 3 is here! I've been waiting for this one with bated breath ever since that crazy cliffhanger in season 2. Finally we get some answers- maybe?- about what happens now that the Travelers have been outed. Or- have they? I guess we need to watch and find out! So without further ado, here are my thoughts on episode 6 of season 3. This post will be a little spoilery- just a heads up. 

This is a Philip- focused episode as evinced by the title. Philip is receiving an update from the Director, along with a bunch of other Historians, when they are interrupted and taken by the Faction. Curiously enough we see a Historian die during the update process, which at the time it's not entirely clear why, but later in the episode we find out that Historians eventually die from the updating process. Did we know that before? Makes their dedication all the more admirable, I guess. 

At any rate the Faction has Philip in a cell and wants him to share the information the Director has provided, so they can put it to good use and save lives. As a show of good faith they even let Philip see Kyle, another Historian who was taken, and when Kyle provides them with info they show how it saves a life. Gee, maybe these Faction people aren't so bad? Well Philip's not going to cave that easy. Meanwhile Mac and the rest of the team are trying to find the missing Historians- with the help of Hall, who has been shot and is near death. 

Apparently Travelers have "black box" tech, also knows as memory retrieve technology, that they are using on Hall to ascertain where the Historians might be. Hall and his partner Luca were in a firefight with the Faction right around the time the Historians were taken, so he's their only lead at the moment. One of the things I like about this season is it feels cohesive- a lot of times with shows like this you get a mystery-of-the-week and the overarching plotline only gets advanced sporadically. Here I think pretty much every episode so far has moved the story along. Here that takes the form of, once again, drawing everything we know about the Director into question. 

Dawn from the Faction tries to convince Philip that they're on the same side- the Faction clearly believes though that the Director is failing or is outright the enemy- I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, for it to be confirmed that the Faction is right. That would be a reckoning for Traveler teams obviously. We learn that Dawn took over her host body without ensuring it was a person slated to die, however, and further that she had a role in releasing a plague that killed over a billion people. Yeah, she says, but what if the mass culling was for the greater good, and saved more people? Oh and the Director will overwrite Philip as soon as he's no longer useful, as well.     

We get more questions about Jeff too this time around. He's called in by the Director to provide tactical support to the team, and during their raid he kills a Faction member named Mitch. The only problem is- Mitch recognizes him, and mentions they're fighting Travelers before realizing that Jeff is a Traveler now. So what's going on with Jeff? Anyway the black box tech enables Mac's team to find their location and we get the shoot out that frees Philip and the other Historians- although Dawn escapes after saving Philip's life. I like her as a recurring villain at this juncture. 

Oh and Luca and Kyle were both Faction, and Kyle is the person who shot Hall. 

Short Takes

Boyd is in this one.

Protocol 3 is suspended for Faction members, and Boyd wonders what happens when you lose your team- is it Protocol 5 until you die, as she puts it? I like how the show just assumes the audience knows the Protocols, or will look them up. 


  1. Heck...something else I should be watching instead of The Bachelor!

  2. I didn't read this post because I am starting Travelers this weekend and I don't want to be spoiled!

  3. I finished watching Season 3 a few weeks ago and OMG the ending leaves SO much up in the air! I need a confirmation for a fourth season. I need to know how everything gets affected from that ending!

  4. I have this on my queue to binge. Can't wait till I have the time.

  5. "Answers", that's cute, this show will NEVER give us answers. The one I want most is "When is Season 4?". I am trying to remember if I liked this episode, but the ones I remember most are Trevor, and the last two. Freaking Trevor, man. I think they alluded to the whole "being an Historian kills you" thing, but never flat out said so? All this body snatching started to make my head spin at this point, and kind of worried me too- like will it ever stop? Or will people just keep overwriting each other? Talk about a scary concept!