Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dystopia Challenge 2017

I love dystopians (the recent dystopia fatigue that people talk about- doesn't apply to me lol) so as I was mulling challenges for 2017 this one jumped out at me. So I'm in! It's hosted by Cornerfolds and My Soul Called Life and the rules are

  • Challenge runs from January 1st- December 31st. 
  • You can join anytime before Nov. 1st
  • Books must be read and reviewed in '17
  • Audiobooks, re- reads, short stories and crossovers are OK
  • Sign up and leave a comment w/ your goal
The challenge levels are 

I'm going with Rebel (6-10) books- I may do more than that but honestly don't know how many dystopians I'll get to so that will work. And... 

There's BINGO! 

In addition to the standard challenge book goals, we're throwing in a bingo card! For each row you complete, you get an extra entry into the end of year giveaway, and bragging rights! Bingo is NOT a requirement for this reading challenge! It's just an extra bit of fun and a way to earn extra entries for the giveaway! 

  • » March 16th - First Quarter Update
  • » June 15th - Second Quarter Update & Giveaway
  • » September 14th - Third Quarter Update
  • » December 14th - Challenge Wrap-Up & Giveaway


  1. Ha, kinda like how the vampire oversaturation never applied to me lol. I wasn't planning on joining any challenges, but idk, maybe I will join this one since I know I'll end up reading at least some dystopian books!

    1. Exactly! Some things we just don't get sick of. :P You should join this one, you read a fair amount of these?

  2. Ooo... "set in space" on the bingo card... Across the Universe.

  3. STOP. There is a DYSTOPIA CHALLENGE!? Okay, I never do challenges because I stress myself out with them (yes, I am aware I host one, which is totally not the same because I don't actually participate hah), but THIS ONE I NEED. Plus, rereads count and I reread The Hunger Games every year (like, right now I am almost done with Mockingjay for the 11th time. Sobs.) Thanks for introducing me to this because YES, so much yes. I will never be sick of dystopian (I hope, anyway. Even though we are kind of living one now, tbh.)