Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The 100 3x12

So... I love Harper. We start off with her and Miller and Bryan hanging out at the cave and they hear a noise. First Bryan then Miller investigate, but don't come back. Harper's like WTF? So she's ready to shoot whatever but gets blindsided from - a Grounder? Looks like it- but maybe not, hard to say.

Hey Emori's back! Cooking rats... nice. She and Murph look so much better together than him and Ontari. She assumes he's scoping Ontari for some thievery but he tells her he'll get away as soon as he can. We find out more about ALIE and apparently she (or rather Becca) intended ALIE 2 to atone for her mistakes- by having her merge with a human she wouldn't attack them. Or something. It's nice by the way seeing the gang all together in the Rover on the way back to Arkadia.

So they get to Arkadia and it's empty. Hmmm... where is everyone? Feels like they're walking into the dragons lair. They're looking for stuff and Jasper gets bonked. Octavia like an idiot goes to help him even though he warns her it's Grounders- and of course she's taken instead of putting up a fight. Dumb. Meanwhile Murph and Emori meet up and they go to the Flamekeepers place and start getting it on- come on Murph really? You know this isn't going to go well. Bellamy tries to keep everyone moving but Raven and the rest start looking at how to activate ALIe2, since Raven thinks she knows how.

They manage to activate it but it almost gets Raven and they realize they need to find a host who can interface with it- someone who has the right blood. Then Clarke and Monty are taken by surprise by- Emerson- that jerk. Haven't missed him. Murph and Emori finish, um, what they were doing and he tries to warn her away, but then he's summoned to Ontari. Okay I'm sorry but this is ridiculous- Murph as the Flamekeeper, I'm just not getting that. Anyway Emerson is wreaking havoc and Sinclair gets... killed. Ouch. He wants Clarke of course, so she offers herself for her friends, but Bellamy says no way are you doing this alone. I am so enjoying seeing them work together.

So we have the obligatory showdown between Emerson and Clarke, and all looks bleak, but then at the last minute Clarke finds a way to chip Emerson. Yup, the ALIE 2 chip goes in his neck, and since he doesn't have the right blood, he's toast. Yay! Suffer Emerson! And he does, with blood all over and all that. Sayonara to that guy. Oh, to see Jaha go that way! So that's one loose end tied off. It's nice to see the eight of them together at the end- but it's not to be. Raven decides to stay at the Ark, to work on accessing ALIE through the mainframe or whatever- and Monty is staying with her, with Miller and Bryan and Harper to guard. So it's just Clarke, Bell, O and Jasper heading off to... wherever they're going.

A good episode I guess, even with that Emerson $%^& in it. I haven't even touched on the Polis storyline any further as it's ridiculous at this point. Not even going there.


  1. Not gonna lie, but I love Ontari. She's savage and it's hot. lol. I thought Emori would end up being the chick Lincoln knew and that they're looking for, but now I'm guessing not. There's a lot in this show that makes my eyes roll, but I can't stop watching.

  2. I did not like this episode at all basically. Well, except for the delinquents being together, and Bellarke, but otherwise, no. It felt like a filler to me almost. And the Polis thing... UGH I am so OVER IT. You are right, Murphy as a flamekeeper is just... what? How could he be a flamekeeper?! He is some dude from a spaceship! Why are the Grounders even buying this load of crap!? One of them should have killed Ontari the second she started beheading little kids. Seriously!

    Now, I am off to watch tonight's episode! Fun fact: I read your recaps every week right before I watch the new episode to remind me of what happened! It gets me right back in the mindset for the show :)