Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The 100 3x10

Well after last weeks shocking death, everyone wondered how Octavia would react. To Bellamy especially. Well we find out first thing- she returns to the cave where Bellamy is, along with Harper, Miller, Bryan, and Kane. She promptly beats the crap out of Bellamy.  I have to say though, it kinda felt cathartic in the sense that Bell has been so stupid all season- I don't want to say he had it coming, but he had it coming. Then we have Ontari and Murphy in an awkward moment- one of her ambassadors shows up and suspects something is up when Ontari seems hesitant. Murphy gets her out of the jam but that seems lame- why would he even be allowed to talk?

Anyway she's supposed to recite the order of commanders or some such nonsense but apparently doesn't know, and Murph offers to help. Is he really going to be the power behind the throne here? Sigh. Then we find Raven trying to drown out ALIE with rock music (try Halestorm, Raven- it works wonders) and hey it works! ALIE says she is so much stronger than the others, and Abby shows up. They have a standoff and Jasper remarks how creepy it is when Jaha says she (Raven) is with them now. Can we please have the humorous Jasper back full time? Raven asks Abby to help her get ALIE out of her head.

Bitch unit alpha (aka Monty's mom) comes to Monty and tells him that Pike knows, and he has to go. He does but it's a hard leaving, and I actually felt sorry for her in that moment. Then Kane and the rest are debating their next move. Octavia says all that matters is killing Pike, and they seem to think that will (hopefully) get them back in with the grounders. Monty then radios that he's in trouble, and Kane and Octavia (with a trussed up Bell) go to get him. Jaha meanwhile tells ALIE they need to revoke Raven's pain relief to get her back- and even ALIE seems surprised. Is anyone more of a $%%^ than Jaha?

Raven at the same time is telling Abby how to hopefully get the chip out of her head and ALIE is fighting her while Jasper is about to go get what is needed. ALIE hits Raven with memories of pain and it proves to be too much- Abby tries to save her but it's too late, Raven submits and ALIE has her now. She's zombified basically. Murphy is convincing Ontari to trust him (which seems way too easy) and Jasper finds the stuff- only to have Jaha show up. Octavia and Kane get to the meetup with Monty and of course Pike is there. They take O and Kane and Bellamy leads them to the others- or does he?

Meanwhile Jaha and ALIE slit raven's arms and she'll basically bleed out unless Abby takes the chip. Abby does so while Bellamy leads Pike into a Grounder trap. they take Pike (it was nice seeing him get beat down) and Octavia kills one of the guys still alive (was that Gillmer?) O is a wrecking machine now. And... Ontari has consolidated her rule and has Murph back in chains. So she can strip and start hauling him- by the chain. Ooh Ontari you're a kinky little thing aren't ya? "Oh, the things I do to survive" says Murph.

Back to Jasper. He gets free, takes Raven and is trying to escape. The zombified Arkers are after him and Clarke shows up. Looking for Lincoln. Um, too late. She jumps in the jeep and they barely make it out... so ALIE has everyone and it looks like our escapees are gonna hook back up with Bell and crew. Hopefully...

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  1. GAHH I am just about to watch tonight's episode and I figured a little refresher would be good :) I am in love with your name for Monty's mom bwhahahha. I will be calling her that from now on. Because come on, "Hannah Green"? REALLY? No. Just... no. That doesn't sound nearly evil and vile enough.

    I swear I am going to lose my shit if they don't kill Pike. They aren't going to kill Pike, are they? Or Jaha? I'll even take an accidental stray bullet getting Jaha OR Monty's Mom. Or ALIE, but I don't think bullets kill her?

    I agree about this Ontari business being WAYYY too easy. I mean, it's Murphy for goodness sake, not some kind of Adonis. He's filthy, and is wearing what appears to be Judd Nelson's wardrobe from The Breakfast Club.

    I am so scared to watch the next episode. AHHH! I cannot take anymore deaths of characters I like!