Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The 100 S3E5

So we're in Episode 5 already! Time is flying... we start this week with Lexa and Clarke riding for Arkadia with a procession of Grounders, the two of them are looking pretty pleased with themselves- smiles even! When do you see smiles on this show? Of course the good times can't last- because then we cut to Bellamy returning with Pike's people, and they have blood on them. Pike gives a speech basically saying that the land is theirs now, and he'll kill any Grounders who resist. Yeah that will go well. I still can't believe Bellamy would go along with this- it's like a whole different character. Beyond disappointing. 

Clarke and Lexa come upon the party that Pike attacked, and it looks like they're all dead- 300 Grounders. Indra however is still alive- Indra was there?? I'm sorry to see that, I kinda liked her (not initially, she grew on me). And we get a shocker- Pike and his people, after shooting everyone up, executed the wounded. Only Bellamy saved her life. Lexa is furious and is ready to lay waste to Arkadia, but Clarke asks for time to talk to Kane. Indra signals Kane and he sends Octavia out to meet with her- to find out what happened. 

Bellamy is having trouble with what they did and tells Pike they went too far, but he's still with Pike. Kane asks him what happened out there and he says they did what they had to do- with Lincoln standing right in front of him. Unbelievable. I thought for a minute there Bellamy would repudiate Pike, but no. We get a glimpse of Raven, she's mad at Abby for taking her off work, and they have it out- Abby tells her that her leg won't heal but she can still be useful. And Jaha shows up- aw man I was enjoying the show without him. 

Jaha tries to enter Arkadia and the new guards accost him- no Grounders allowed so they want to stop Otan. A struggle breaks out and Otan is shot, but Jaha keeps his hands on the ALIE backpack. Then we switch over to the woods to see Murphy and Emori thieving- they lure a tinker in and take his stuff. They're apparently a thing now. And Jaha and Pike meet. ALIE advises Jaha through the meet- so apparently she's in a state that only he can see. And predictably Pike thinks he's nuts when Jaha talks about saving the people. 

Octavia arrives at the massacre site and meets with Clarke and Lexa, and says she can get Clarke in to deal with Pike. Things get ugly at Arkadia when Pike decides to imprison the wounded Grounders and Lincoln takes exception. It was nice to see him beat the piss out of Gillmer, asshole that he is. But Pike has Denae (one of the wounded) at gunpoint, and they take Lincoln and imprison him with the rest. Jaha meanwhile is preaching to a few Arkadians and Raven tells him he's full of crap. ALIE tells Jaha that if he can turn her, the rest will follow. That ALIE is pretty creepy at this point. 

Octavia returns and has it out with Bellamy, and takes him (unknowing) to see Clarke. Woo hoo now the shit's gonna fly. Clarke tells Bell the Ice Queen gone everything could have been fine until Pike screwed it up. She tells him that they need to make it right over the massacre, and surely Bellamy doesn't want war? He says they've been at war since they landed, and Pike understands that. Who the $%%& is this and where did Bellamy go??? It gets touchy and Clarke says she needs the guy who wouldn't let her pull the lever alone in Mt. Weather- and he says she left him. Now we're getting to true feelings here! 

He hits her hard, telling her that people died when she was in charge. Ouch. She says she's sorry, and she knows they can fix it- and then Bellamy handcuffs her. Seriously? This show is out of hand. Jaha is creeping on Raven and leaves her the happy pill after she loses it. Bellamy is taking Clarke to Pike but Octavia intervenes, and Clarke stuns him with a taser prod or whatever those things are, and they escape. They speak to Kane and Abby briefly though and tell them that they were going to give Pike up but Kane says the people knew what they were voting for. 

Emori and Murphy are still trying to rob passersby and get a nasty surprise when warriors ride up and take Murphy. Are they stupid or what? But... they see one of the happy pills that Murphy had and they say it has the "sacred symbol." What does that mean? And Clarke returns to Lexa and somehow convinces her NOT to retaliate- that she will try for peace. That's a surprise- but I'm not sure I'm buying it. And we close with Raven taking the happy pill- and seeing ALIE. 

So... an episode that jumped around a lot, juggling a lot of plotlines. The Pike/ Bellamy snafu keeps getting worse and worse, we have Arkadians against each other now, and Clarke and Octavia are working together, which is kinda nice.  


  1. I only watched the first show of this awhile back when you recommended it. Is it a YA dystopian show-- are there only teens in it? Just curious, though that alone wouldn't keep me from watching more if the plot stayed interesting. Thanks.

  2. I'm really behind in this show. Just watched the first season and then got busy with life. And now I'm torn (and doing a re-watch of Dawson's Creek, which is more what I feel like watching right now). But I love show recaps, so I'll be back to check out more!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  3. " Seriously? This show is out of hand."<---- My exact thoughts! This episode was so WEIRD. I still feel like they're moving with this Pillamy stuff either too fast, or at the wrong time. Because it just doesn't fit. I mean, they could have made Pike an asshole, but Bellamy? A character 180 just doesn't make sense here.

    I feel like the whole thing with Clarke and Lexa and the whole "Blood must not have blood" thing is going to come to a head. How can it not? I mean, these people have spent a century flat out killing each other for every injustice, and a pretty blonde comes along and fixes it? No way. I agree with Clarke- and even Lexa's decision- but it won't be without ramifications. Because Indra didn't approve, and Indra is loyal as hell, how will the rest of the group take the news? Not well, I assume, especially after what Pike did.

    I still don't understand why Pike even did it tbh. I mean, what did he think would happen? Is he really that stupid or egotistical? I am VERY curious about where his character will go (and I don't just mean to hell, even though that would be a good start hahah).

    Fabulous recap! I am so excited/nervous for tomorrow's show, but I just hope I don't get as upset as I did during this one!