Monday, February 22, 2016

Cover Characteristics

Cover Characteristics is a meme by Sugar and Snark- every week a characteristic is selected and we post 5 books with that week's theme. 

This week's pick- pictures/ photo  

Picture frames or photos- a little harder than it sounds. This week is an interesting topic- I didn't find many in my usual kind of reads so had to go a little farther afield. Mysteries seemed to do the trick and as usual I found I few gems in the pulp/ vintage style. So here are my picks for this week. 

The Bungalow MysteryHeist Society (Heist Society, #1)Murder at the Book Group (Hazel Rose Mysteries)

The Bungalow Mystery  

What's behind the picture?   

There is a picture frame in this one- just barely. 

The Scarlet Slipper Mystery (Nancy Drew, #32)

This one doesn't do a lot for me- not my favorite Nancy Drew. 

I rather like this one. Obviously an old time cover- a guy actually climbed into their room to deliver a threatening note?  

Peril in Paperback  (A Bibliophile Mystery, #6)

This one's okay- a little cluttered.  

This one's nice and I like the bookstore/ coffee joint vibe. 

Murder at the Book Group (Hazel Rose Mysteries)

I love this cover. And the tagline is not bad either. 

Okay then. 

I like this one. 

Heist Society (Heist Society, #1)

My favorite this week.


  1. Saged to Death a Peril in Paperback look great. My two favorites!

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

    1. Those are both good! I like them too, especially Staged to Death.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree- so many great covers, and fun to look through when I'm doing this meme. :)

  3. I did my own thing again since there were no good fantasy covers for this topic lol. But you actually managed to find a lot of covers! This was definitely not an easy one. Heist Society is also my favorite. And the animals in Staged to Death are cute. But hahaha, that guy didn't even do a good job of sneaking in since clearly he woke that one guy. It does seem rather impractical.

    1. Good call- this one was tough. And not really that fun til I found a few... I was surprised how many I DID find LOL. Heist Society was far and away my fave of the bunch... and I know, what a silly cover to have a guy climb in there just to leave a note. But that must be the story...

      Did you see next weeks topic? THAT should be interesting...

    2. You're gonna hate me when I tell you I've already got ten covers that I actually like for next week lol. I thought it would be super hard, but what I usually do is look ahead at the topics, and then I just keep an eye out while I'm just browsing around the web and bookmark any I come across (and I think I had one or two on my kindle/TBR since gargoyles are one of the creatures I want to read about). But that way, by the time I put together the post, I've sometimes got more than enough to work with.

    3. Do you?? That's funny, but I'll be honest I have some picked out too. :P I putting together a post on urban fantasy and talking about creatures that I'd like to see more of. And... I found one I really like, so I have my favorite already ha ha. It's probably one of my favorites yet, very atmospheric. Can't wait to share it. :)

      I like those weeks when I have extra and I have to narrow it down...

  4. I love the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy covers! They're always my favorite. I like the cover for the Kate Carlisle and the Terri Farley Moran books and I've really enjoyed those series as well!

    1. I like those too, and this meme is always an excuse to look through them LOL. And so many good cozy covers- between those and the pulps if I ever get in a jam I know where to go! :)

  5. Ooh how cool, I didn't realize how many myssteries use framed items.

  6. These posts are fun. I too like the Heist best...although I also like the bookclub/book reading covers.