Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 100 S3E3

So The 100 is in full swing and I'm going to share some thoughts on the episodes as time allows. I didn't have time to recap the first two so I'll start with episode three. I'm running about a week behind but I'll catch up today with reviews of both episodes three and four. I thought S3 started off kinda weak but the last few episodes feel like the 100 again. So... on to episode three. 

What an episode this was! The 100 is banging on all cylinders right now. This episode starts right off with Clarke and Lexa meeting. Apparently it's been a week and Clarke refused to see her, but Lexa tells her they don't have time for that and stuff is happening.  They get right down to it- discussing the shitstorm that went down at Mt. Weather. Lexa tells Clarke that it's easier to hate her than to accept her own responsibility, and Clarke has an awesome reply- "The only difference is- you have no honor, and I had no choice." I'd say that one goes to Clarke. 

Lexa punts and gets to why she's really there- she wants the Sky People to join her coalition. Yeah, that's happening. Clarke perceives that Lexa looks weak after Mt. Weather and that Ice Nation is taking advantage of that, and she tells Lexa to basically go eff herself. Nice. Lexa then turns around and has to deal with some asshole Ice Nation envoy who runs his mouth- and Lexa promptly kicks him off the tower to his death. Dang... I love Lexa. Delightfully ruthless. 

Switching gears to the Sky Crew- Abby and Kane argue over Abby's decision to reopen Mt. Weather. Kane has a point, that's not going to sit well with the Grounders. Abby is afraid the Grounders won't give Clarke back as retaliation- come on Abby, you didn't think of that before? And she's in charge?? Meanwhile Bellamy's crew arrive at Mt. Weather and find the Farm Station people having a nice meal and jamming to some music. How cozy. Octavia is not pleased to see Pike and his people just moving in and takes off. She's a Grounder, that girl. Oh and Bellamy's new girlfriend is along. 

Roan and Clarke have a nice little convo at Polis and Roan offers her a deal- she kills Lexa and he helps her get out- and offers her an alliance with Ice Nation. Well then. Clarkie has a decision to make. I love too how Zach McGowan (the guy who plays Roan) uses the same raspy voice he uses in Black Sails. Hilarious. Then Bellamy and Octavia have a nice little heart to heart when- surprise- Echo shows up. The grounder chick who was held next to Bellamy in Mt. Weather. She says the summit that Abby and Kane are going to with Lexa is a trap.  

Bellamy gathers everyone and off they go to intervene- and Pike is already talking about the missiles in Mt. Weather if things go bad. Wonderful. Kane arrives at Polis and I have to say, it seems like the Grounders have been cleaned up a bit since the first season. Didn't they seem more like savages then? Lexa's advisor tells her the clans will never accept the Sky Crew. Lexa goes to see Clarke and Clarke has her at knifepoint- but she won't do it. I thought for a minute there they might kiss- but instead they hatch a plan. 

Clarke meets with Abby and Kane and tells them the deal- the Sky Crew becomes a clan, subject to Lexa, and then Clarke leads the fight against Ice Nation. We then get Bellamy and crew burst in. But where's Echo? You been played, Bell. A little too easily I might think. Mt. Weather is destroyed by an Ice Nation Grounder- only Raven and Sinclair survive. The Ark folks head back home but Clarke stays to keep an eye on Lexa- Bellamy wants her to come home but she stays. Another separation of these two. Bellarkers everywhere are crying out! And the big shocker- there is still a Mountain Man left, and he's working with Ice Nation. They've got it in for Lexa...

Episode four starts off with a bang- and some Grounder drama. The Ice Queen is brought before Lexa to be dealt with, and issues a challenge- a challenge that Lexa accepts. Fight to the death for leadership- Lexa vs Roan, the son of the Ice Queen. That should be interesting. Meanwhile, Kane and Pike are having a disagreement about how t respond to the Ice Nation attack on Mt. Weather. Pike is not happy to leave matters for Lexa to resolve... there's going to be trouble there. And Bellamy is all sad over Gina's death and Mt. Weather. Jasper is still being an asshole- good grief, that's getting old. 

Clarke is not happy with Lexa going against Roan, and tries to talk Roan into killing his mom and becoming head of Ice Nation. I love the choices people make on this show! Roan says he can't do it... but he can help Clarke do it. Okay then! I kinda like Clarke and Roan plotting together... meanwhile things are coming to a head at Arkadia. It gets ugly at the memorial service when people hear about Lexa's peacekeepers outside, and someone chucks a rock at Lincoln. 

Clarke goes to see Nia the Ice Queen, to kill her? I wasn't clear on that, but Nia's little helper stops Clarke and Nia is pissed. Clarke tries to talk Lexa out of fighting, but Lexa tells her she can't stop this. "You're driven to fix everything for everyone, but you can't fix this." Nice line. Bellamy is doing shots with Pike and feeling guilty, and agrees with him about not trusting grounders again. sputter- WTF Bellamy- sputter. Is this the same Bellamy we've known all along? Bullshit. I don't see Bellamy helping Pike, they are ramming this storyline through way too fast. 

Lexa vs. Roan. Who is more badass? Both have their moments but Lexa comes out on top- and instead of offing Roan she takes out the Ice Queen. "The queen is dead. Long live the king." Nice. Looks like Roan will be handling affairs for the Ice Nation now. Everything is kinda coming together... but wait Bellamy is going along with idiot Pike to screw it all up again. Son of a... He goes with Pike and his men t attack Lexa's troops, and Lincoln bars the way. Harper too, but she steps aside- kinda bummed to see that, I like Harper. I thought she'd stand her ground. Luckily Kane and Abbie show up to stop it, but looks like Pike might be feeling the love of the people. Will he be the next leader? 

Lexa comes to see Clarke at night and they're both in, shall we say, casual clothing? Is this a Clexa moment? But no, they don't go there. Nice touch though after a pretty hectic episode, a quiet moment. And... we end with Pike being elected chancellor. He of course pardons himself and his people and goes right off to attack the Grounders. What an ass. And Bellamy goes with him. 

So... where are we at? This is the most disappointing episode re: Bellamy since the first season- just so out of character for where that character has been. Lincoln is practically family since he's with Octavia, and Clarke is with Lexa- but Bellamy is going to join an unprovoked attack against Lexa's people? It's not even Ice Nation they're attacking at this point. Have they destroyed Bellamy in one episode? I don't get it. The Clarke stuff is fine- her and Lexa and Roan could be an interesting threesome (not that kind of threesome) atop the Grounder pile- just in time for Bellamy to eff everything up. 


  1. This looks like such a good show, but I watched one episode and I didn't care for it. I wonder if it was just that episode though lol.

    1. I like it, although you never know where they're going to go with it (case in point: ep 4). I tried it on a lark on Netflix, and wasn't super impressed at first with S1- it took me a while to get into it. So I can definitely understand that...

  2. Ok, is it just me or are things just overly sexualized? Like, who is with who? Clarke and Lexa? Clarke and Roan? Clarke and Bellamy? Clarke and that random merchant chick? Just, what the hell? I'm kind of sick of Clarke.

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

    1. Yeah I think they deliberately stoke that to a certain extent- playing up the whole Clexa or bellarke thing. It is a CW show after all. :) In fact I'm surprised it's not WORSE with the hookups. Clarke with the merchant chick, for example. they knew each other a whole 10 minutes LOL. And I'm with you on Clarke- I like her but the whole wandering off thing didn't make sense to me.

  3. The Bellamy stuff is SUCH a disappointment, no? Especially because it isn't like they presented us with some epic love story between him and Gina- they literally had a peck on the cheek and a hug. End of romance. But now he is so broken up- more so than when he helped kill HUNDREDS of people- that he joins Pike in everything he has stood AGAINST? What even? I gave them an anti-ship name: Pillamy. SO I will refer to them as Pillamy from here on out. OH, and sidenote- I thought the same thing about Harper- that she ran off and was on Pillamy's side- but THEN I thought maybe she was actually the one who alerted Abby and Kane? I don't know.

    Speaking of, I totally agree with your Abby assessment. Kane should have been chancellor since... well whenever they stopped Jaha from it. Because he is AMAZING with people- I loved the scenes with him and the Grounders, and his friendship with Indra. Abby looks like some little kid who got lost in the mall and is wandering in circles looking for her mom.

    I also agree about the love... octagon? What even is it at this point? I understood Bellarke and Clexa. But then the random girl- which is fine if she really does stay random and they don't see each other again- and then Roan, and who even knows who else will show up to bed Clarke!

    Loved this recap, spot on! I am actually about to go watch this week's episode right now, so this was PERFECT to catch up with! Glad you're doing recaps too, I love reading them!

  4. Not gonna read your review because I haven't watched any of it yet. But I think I need to start! Will get episode 1 and see how it goes :)

    Sugar & Snark

  5. It was so out of character for Bellamy to completely go back to who he was in S1. He had grown up so much as of late. I'm still hoping on Bellarke, though.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  6. I have heard so many great things about this show. Entertainment Weekly had a big article about it this week. I need to get started. There is SO MUCH TO watch. We have to watch like three one hour shows a night to stay up to date on our shows.