Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Amazing Adventures featuring Killraven #31

So Killraven and his group are on the run and Eve is about to give birth. They make their stand before some strangely familiar golden arches that are in ruins. Not familiar to the group, necessarily, but familiar to readers as a rather obvious dig at a certain food chain. The date, by the way, is 2019 (this was written in '75). There is some dissension in the group though as not everyone is happy that they are slowing themselves down with Eve and Adam.

Recap: Killraven and crew have rescued a bunch of Adams and Eves from Martian imprisonment- and worse, since the Martians were actually feeding on the humans.

So... the aftermath of battle and I honestly don't know what's going on. The writing in this one is so muddled. We have a little romance and some worshipers who chant to... a creature that apparently devours sacrifices. The usual innovative panel layouts. I like how in this world there are just mutant creatures all over. Eve gives birth during the craziness... and Volcana is going to take her leave, to join Eve in finding other survivors. Her sister is missing also. But her and KR lock lips before she goes. Why split up the band?

Carmilla also makes nice to Killy, telling him that even though she still has problems with how he does things, he's hurt the Martians this time by destroying DeathBirth. And we have a last panel showing a shrine- a golden arch- and some reflection on what those arches must have meant in another time.


  1. It's kind of funny to see something that was published so long ago that actually takes place during our (almost) current times!

  2. Sounds a bit confusing, but I share Angela's thought! How cool it is that we are actually a couple of years ahead of this now? I haven't seen any martian yet, though . . . Maybe that is for the best? :P

  3. I've never read this but it sounds fun.

  4. Sounds awesome! I love that the golden arches made an appearance. :)

  5. Genial parece un libro muy divertido te mando un beso