Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Golden City Vol. 7

This one starts off with a raid. And an origin story for the wrecker kids- we learn about how they all came together. In many ways this is a second act- we get the groundwork being laid for where the story goes next. And a bit of a tragedy- one of the kids gets abducted by unknown assailants. The crew have to navigate both the forensics and, at the same time, an effort by the Golden City board to oust Banks. That's not the worst, though. The aforementioned raid freed Seed- or captured her is a better description- and what they want from her is not clear, but the group that took her have a devious plan that just might spell doom for Golden City. 

I wonder if Banks and the professor will end up working together down the line? At any rate this is another phenomenal installment in an excellent series- I may not have quite liked this one as much as some of the others- but it was really nice to get the backgrounds of the wrecker kids. 

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  1. The wrecker kids! So great. I want to read about them. :)