Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wow. This one has kind of a psychedelic beginning. P. Craig Russell is now the the regular on this series and he's making his artistic chops felt here. We're on the edge of Chicago, our merry band of Freemen ready to storm the Death-Birth citadel, but first... we have some housekeeping to attend to. Namely, M'Shulla is questioning why Killraven fell so quickly for Ash's story about the breeding pens when he still distrusts Carmilla Frost. Not a bad question. Sadly, the answer must wait as M'Shulla is attacked by a mutant fish and injured, although not seriously. Ash, with her fire power, makes short work of the threat. 

I love this, by the way. 

"Lake Michigan is not dead...though you mustn't be too harsh on mankind for the oversight. It wasn't as if they hadn't given it the old college try in killing the largest bodies of fresh water on the planet Earth."

M'shulla checks in with Frost and she fears that Grok is dying- bleeding internally. And we learn Ash's origin as she relates it to Killraven. She was taken by Martians, separated from her sister Melonie (who was given an Eve- designation)- whereas Ash was experimented on. This caused her to develop certain powers, which she naturally turned on her captors, and she has been on the run since.

Amazing Adventures (1970-1976) #28    
Meanwhile in Death-Birth it's time! Atalon has come for Eve 3,031 to claim her unborn child as a delicacy for the Martians. Adam 3,031 fights him and gets taken away for execution, and Atalon takes Eve to have her baby harvested, although he makes a stop to taunt her by showing her a Martian. Killraven and party are closing in on the Martian citadel and manage to rescue Adam. And Killraven has another vision- this one of Eve and her impending peril. Luckily they make it in time but as they fight Killraven reels, experiencing the death throes of his Martian enemy. He understands now that in his visions he has not been connecting with other humans- he's been linked to Martian minds! It's almost like a telepathic connection- somehow the old Keeper who gave him his ability linked him to the Martians' mental state. But even as he grapples over this revelation- are they too late to help Eve? 

Thankfully not, as they arrive just in time to stop the sacrifice, and waste some baddies in the process. Eve and Adam are reunited- awww- and they kiss amidst the carnage, even as Ash flirts with Killraven, and he asks

"Tell me, Volcana, when you're...uh...amorous...can you control that heat of yours?