Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tales From The Loop Ep. 3 Stasis


Sometimes things are special because they don't last

So this episode was different! This one focuses on May- the girlfriend of Jakob- who we met last time. I won't go into spoilers (those are below) but anyone who has seen episode two knows that relationship is complicated- even if May doesn't know it! Here though May clearly is not worried about loyalty to Jakob- she develops a thing for Ethan, a new guy she comes across. And, true to form, the weirdness of this little town with all the odd technology throws things for a loop (haha). 

May likes to tinker with things and when she does that with a strange canister she finds- well, let's just say she brings a new meaning to "alone time". Or in this case, quality time with her new guy Ethan. They both seem nice, at first, but just as in the first two episodes choices are made that seriously make you wonder about these two. I mean, would anybody else make these choices? Yeah, probably, but it is a little disturbing. At the same time love and relationships can be so intense, especially as a teen, so maybe yeah this would happen. 

Naturally things go awry and again you have to wonder- is anyone likable here? So many secrets and lies just beneath the veneer of normalcy, and again hard choices and moral questions. I think it's ironic that Jakob has a big secret he's keeping from May- indeed, does May even know who she's with?- but now she has a secret as well. So take that Jakob!! 

I found this episode a little less satisfying and a little more hard to believe, but the strength of this series are the understated performances and moments of quiet reflection, and this episode has its share of those. The series thus far is building a tapestry of interwoven stories and I imagine by the end we're going to have quite a satisfying look back at all the build-up.  In the meantime the mysteries of this weird little town continue to impress. 


Jakob (Danny) says he loves May. Um, don't get too attached!

Can I just say I hate Danny so much for just... letting May think she's with Jakob?

"I heard time moves slower in the woods."

The station wagon guy- Lucas- from the artwork plays a huge role!

Lucas seems flustered when he sees May- makes sense later!

A month- seriously???

Why is May evasive about breaking up with Jakob?  


  1. I haven't actually heard of this series before, I don't have Prime and wondering whether it would be worth getting? We have satellite television at home and also an Australian streaming service as well but there's never anything on I can invest in. I don't know what I'll watch once The Walking Dead ends. This sounds like a great series, might check out Prime.

  2. It sounds like an interesting series, but...love triangle? *facepalms*

  3. I used to have Prime, but I had to cut a few bills and I didn't renew my subscription, so I can't watch this now but it sounds intriguing. The mystery of the town sure keeps your attention, hope the next episode is even better :)

  4. This definitely sounds like I need to get on board. Hope the next episode is better!

  5. Funny, but my husband and I began watching this series last weekend and we've seen the 1st 4 episodes.

    I wasn't sure if I was going to like this series after watching the 1st episode as the storyline seemed kinda slow... But we pressed onward and am glad we did. I enjoyed episode 3 a lot.

  6. I have really enjoyed this series! It is so unique and I really love the way art is incorporated into it. It is definitely one that is hard to believe, but I think it is worth sticking with. :)

  7. I have not heard of this series. Since we are home more, we have been watching a lot more series. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the reveiw

  8. I'll have to give this show another shot once my mood changes. It's a little too slow and sad for my current state of mind.

    Karen @ For What' It's Worth

  9. Thanks for separating the spoilers. I really want to watch this. 👍✨