Monday, February 17, 2020

Girls 5

Girls #5

So Girls #4 left off with the Pickett boy revealing that the original "girl" killed his mother. That's why he and his dad are after them. So here's the backstory: the night of the big "BOOM" little Pickett was in the cornfield when he saw the "girl". A naked girl, mind you. She seems to want something, if you catch my drift, and he was about to indulge her when the parents showed up. Everything went bad then and the "girl" killed the mom. Pa shot her but she got away, and that's when Ethan picked her up. 

Ethan blows a gasket and accuses Pickett of lying- after all, everyone knows his pervert son tried to rape Alice last year, right? What?? So THAT'S why everyone looks askance at them. Oh, and Ethan's about to spill the beans about the eggs but Wes steps in and says the "girls" just showed up. He doesn't want the townspeople to know, and would they believe him anyway? I mean, eggs. So... it's decided to go check out the cornfield and see if there's any truth to the Pickett story. Nancy, by the way, is not happy about being left out. 

"If you expect us to wait at home like servile geisha-susie-fuckin'-homemakers, you can go straight to hell". 

Mark your calendars because Nancy is gonna play a role in this story. Anyway, into the cornfield they go and... find Ma Pickett. Yup, she's dead. But wait... what is THAT? It looks like a giant... sperm??!? 


  1. I haven't heard about this comic series before, but you've made me want to check it out :)
    I do own the first two volumes of Alex + Ada, which I hope to read soon!

  2. This sounds intense!

  3. I love your posts about this series. It just sounds so WILD lol

    Karen @ For What It's worth

  4. I am definitely reading these next year. 👍✨