Thursday, April 27, 2017

The 100 DNR

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After almost a month long hiatus The 100 returned with an episode that was both exhilarating and frustrating.Some character arcs seemed to come out of left field, while others made a little smoother transition. There's less than a week left until Praimfaya- the Grounder term for the radiation storms that are apparently sweeping the planet- arrives. By then everyone either needs to be in a protected shelter or it's all she wrote. And luckily, a shelter has been found- beneath the temple in Polis. And now everyone- Skaikru as well as Grounder clans- get to fight over it. Spoilers for this episode of The 100. 

Raven is in rough shape and now she's talking to the air- or at least that's how it looks. Murphy and Emori are a little skeptical as she talks to someone they can't see- but to Raven it's as if Becca is standing right next to her. And Becca is telling her to go to space, to "go out" her way, rather than going to the bunker where there's no hope of a cure for her. I don't really like where they're going with Raven here- she's always been a fighter and to see her go out this way seems wrong. Of course we still have a few episodes left for her to somehow come to her senses, and I still don't think she's leaving the show, so it's probably a lot of hooey about nothing... but still. 

Meanwhile at Arkadia everyone is preparing to leave, as Jaha organizes the trip to Polis. Little does he know they're not going to just waltz into the bunker... but we'll get there in a minute. For now it's all about packing up and moving out- but wait, Jasper and the other malcontents who don't want to live in a bunker for five years are staying put. The death party continues (isn't that a great name for it? Kudos to Shannon for that one)! Jasper and Riley (naturaly) seem to be the ringleaders of this group, but the problem is Harper has given up. She's staying too, and this hurts Monty. Jaha considers blowing the door and forcing them to leave, but Bellamy talks him out of that idea. They should make their own decisions, he says. So  off Skaikru goes, leaving the death party behind. 

The most compelling aspect of this show was the situation at Polis. Things are tense- Roan almost gets taken by rival clans when Kane/ Abby make a deal with Indra, but Echo shows up and Roan is still in charge, and he's not happy at being betrayed by his erstwhile allies. Can't blame him really. Clarke tried to warn him so at least he's not super pissed at her. She talks him into negotiating with Indra, but that goes nowhere. Her and Roan are basically ready to fight it out. I was surprised that Kane wasn't more active in this one, but at any rate things go all haywire when Clarke decides to take the chip and become the new Commander. She almost gets away with it too, she has Gaia on board, but at the last minute Roan brings Abby in and announces that Clarke is a Nightblood through science- not through birth. Scratch the new Commander. 

Worse, he and Indra are ready for war. But Roan suggests a conclave- a tournament where each clan picks a champion and they all fight. Here the kicker is-  to the victor goes the bunker. The winning clan gets to live, and everyone else- see ya. Grounders aren't very smart. Clarke and Bellamy later confer and it doesn't look good for Skaikru- I mean who could possibly win a Grounder fight tournament? And then... dun dun dun guess who shows up. Octavia rides in all badass and says she's there for the war. I guess Skaikru has their champion? 

But wait you may see- where's Octavia been? Funny you should ask. Turns out she tried her hand at farming for a day or two- oh and she's shacking up with Ilian- but when some Grounders push her too far she kills them and realizes she's not a farmer. She's a warrior. And in her defense she tried, they would have killed her. The biggest thing for me here is the relationship between her and Ilian. In show time it's only been weeks or maybe months since Lincoln- isn't it a little early for her? Or maybe not... if the end of the world is in a few days, who am I to say? 

Random Thoughts

Nice snark between Raven and Murphy in this one, especially at the beginning. And they sorta make up by the conclusion. 

I just noticed they have windmills! On Ilian's farm at any rate. 

No Luna! Boo...

I'm not buying the Harper thing. Sure she feels guilt but no... she's not going to just sit wasted until the end. She'd go... and when Monty stays I'm just like, no no no.

"There was no hope. Now there's hope," Bellamy tells Monty when he's criticized for partying with the death crew. I thought that was the best line, until I heard this... 

"What we can still trust is the sword," courtesy of Indra. Never change Indie. And here I thought she might be going soft?!? 

Grounders are pretty stupid. 


  1. I got this book at BEA several years ago and it was kind of awful but the series sounds intense and amazing. I really need to watch it one of these days.

    For What It's Worth

  2. So. First I must commend you on getting your recaps up so quickly. I am impressed. And glad because I have so many THOUGHTS. First, what the HELL is Indra doing!? Like, for real? (My theory is, she's a goner. Which kills me to say. But I think they're prepping Gaia to be the new Trikru leader and since this whole Hunger Games thing.. yeah.) Which also, I am fully in agreement with you about O. I love how she was farming for like, 3 minutes before she just offs a whole clan bwhahah. In her defense, they WERE attacking her. And it HAS only been weeks- probably about 6 weeks- since Lincoln died. 2 months max, I'd say. So yeah. And I could even see if she'd been seeking comfort in a friend or something, but Ilian like, blew up her home, she killed his ambassador, and then they just shack up? Noooo. Not buying that.

    Also, I love how in the end she strolls up like she's there for dinner "I'm here for the war" bwahhaha. So the Murphy/Raven scenes KILLED me. I also think that this is not going to happen- my theory is, Abby is going to go back for Raven. And die in the process, I assume.

    I LOVED the scene with Bellamy and Jasper at Death Party. It was so... perfect. And I also like that he convinced Jaha to not blow it up. It was so damn rational, and I love that Jaha agreed to give them the choice. And then Monty.. OMG, I love him so extra right now. I agree that this ISN'T Harper at all. Which is why I am glad Monty stayed for now.

    Also... why did Abby tell them it was science? Why not just play dumb and let Clarke become Heda? They need some common sense around here and NO ONE but Clarke and Bellamy are using it. Like literally no one. Indra has lost her damn mind- at least Roan was willing to talk! And why the HELL would Kane turn on Azgeda!? Maybe they're all brain damaged from the radiation already, only explanation I can find.

    1. Indra has gone apeshit. But she's always been tough, and like I said her softening towards O and friendship w/ Kane made me wonder if she was mellowing. Well, no need to worry there! And I think this DRAMATICALLY ups the odds that she dies in Hunger Games?? Which will sadden me. I've really grown to like her. And let me just say I'm kinda pissed at Kane and Abby... I mean Kane knew they had an alliance with Azgeda, why not try to get her and roan together, rather than detain Roan? Like that was ever going to work. Part of me kinda hopes Abby will die now, I mean she's made some boneheaded decisions and this is just another,

      I am totally not buying Octavia and Ilian. I'm sorry, it just hasn't been long enough. I agree w/ you maybe if it was someone she knew better and hadn't, like, BLEW UP the Ark, then yeah... but this seems so phoned in. Her entrance at the end though was awesome. And Murphy/ Raven... on point. Nice to see them make up. He actually apologized for shooting her.

      I can't believe Monty stayed behind, but you know that's gotta mean a lot to Harper and I think she will reconsider. Jasper's the one I wonder about- will he reconsider? I think this is a red herring, just a plot point, but... ?

      And yes Abby- why on earth did she undermine Clarke like that? I mean Roan rolls her in and she says just what he wants. What is her deal??? I loved the parley though- Roan was all like okay we talked. Let's war. And Indra was like fuck it, let's war. They're both so gung ho and it really shows the difference between grounders and Skaicrew.

    2. I seriously don't get Indra. It IS like when we first met her and she wanted Lexa to kill Clarke without even speaking to her. But I thought she had moved past that stage but NOPE. It's so interesting to see her and Gaia- they could not be more different.

      And I DO think Abby is going to die. I think Clarke needs to lose someone close to her this season, like all the others. Wells, Finn, Lexa.... you're up, Abby. I am kind of with you, I think Abby is too far gone for me to get too upset about it. I think the chip is REALLY causing more problems than she realizes- maybe that is why she is such a mess.

      AGREE in regards to O and Ilian. It has absolutely NOT been long enough. And I just don't get Ilian's character, tbh. He seems so... blah.

      And yep, I think that is Monty's whole game plan, to get them all to come with him but... I still think this is going to result in one of their deaths. (Harper's, unfortunately- which will lead Monty to blame Jasper, just like Jasper blamed him for Maya? I hope I am wrong, I really do!)

      I just... I don't get these people and their warring. Why? That just seems wasteful and exhausting. Calm down and listen to fake Heda. Isn't she basically the commander at this point anyway? She's like... She's like Oprah of the post-apocalypse. Everyone listens to her eventually.

  3. Wow a lot has happened since I stopped watching this one. Guess I'm kind of caught up

  4. I found this episode frustrating on a lot of levels too, especially the whole situation with Monty and Harper. It's also bad when Jaha is walking around sounding like the most level headed one of the group, haha.