Thursday, February 16, 2017

The 100 S4/ E3

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This episode is called "Four Horsemen" and that seems appropriate since the tone here is very apocalyptic. We knew going into this season that we were going to be dealing with the radiation, and the very likely event of total annihilation, unless an answer can be found. And so far the answers are not there. There's two major storylines going on here and a third that's almost as important, and I'd have to say if there's a theme it would be- faith. Faith that you're doing the right thing, when it's impossible to even know what that is. 

First of all Jaha thinks he's found a fallout shelter that could potentially house thousamds- and if true that the answer to their survival problem. So he, Bellamy and Clarke set out to find it. And they do, but it's not what they were hoping for. After a nice nighttime scene with a little tension, they are shocked to find that the doomsday cult that built the shelter didn't make it. The shelter is there, and so are a lot of dead people. I can't help but wonder though if the shelter of the Second Dawn- that's the name of the group- won't reappear, sine they spent a bit of time introducing it.The other thing this storyline gave us was one of the better exchanges of the night, when Jaha told Bellamy that "She's lucky to have you." Meaning Clarke, and that Bellamy "centers" her. Bell replies "You got it backwards." Nice

The second thing going on is we find that the radiation is already affecting people. Luna's group of Grounders show up and they're sick, including her daughter. Abby treats them but has a disagreement with Raven about whether to use the limited doses of radiation pills they have- Raven feels they need to conserve them, even if it means letting the Grounders die. Ouch. Murphy breaks the standoff by stealing the pills and giving them to Abby. Unfortunately they don't work, and Luna's daughter dies. This was heartbreaking and a powerful moment. Abby and Raven sold that. The kicker though is at the end when Luna somehow recovers- and they realize that Nightblood is the difference. Luna has it- and she'll survive. 

Which leads us to the Flame. If Nightblood is important then the Flame would seem to be even more so- I can't pretend to keep all the Nightblood stuff straight but doesn't the Flame have something to do with that? Anyway the problem is the Flame goes missing, and Roan tells Octavia that a Flamekeeper made off with it. Octavia says she'll solve the problem, and she does- sort of. She tracks the Flamekeeper to the temple, only to find that the Flamekeeper is... Indra's daughter Gaia. What the... this is getting more complicated. And then Ilian's crew of looters show up (did I miss something here- why is he a looter now?) and they destroy the chip! Well not really, as Octavia does a quick switcherooie and saves it. But... she lets Gaia keep it and lies to Roan. *Sigh* Why didn't she just take it and give it to him? Screw Gaia! Indra might have backed her since she didn't like Gaia taking it anyway. 

But that's the 100. The Flame after all has to be in flux, especially now that Nightblood is relevant. But let's get to the important part. Bellarke. Back at Arkadia Bellamy is sleeping and Clarke is making her list. Her list of 100 people who will survive. She's got two spots left and she writes Bellamy's name down. He wakes up and tells her "If I'm on that list, you're on that list." But she can't do it- so he writes her name down. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she takes the comfort he offers. These two have been through so much, and they carry a lot of guilt. It goes back to Mt. Weather, and before that- they alone I think understand each other and those decisions they have made.  


  1. GAH first, you are on the ball with this. I have barely outlined mine! My theme is "revelations", but I think faith is a very good one too!

    So, I DEFINITELY agree with you about the Second Dawn shelter. So much. Because yes, why "waste" so much of an episode on it if it is not going to come up again? My theory? I feel like, sure, they found Cult Soup, BUT it was because the bunker wasn't sealed properly. But with Team Raven on the case... maybe they can avoid becoming Skaikru Soup? I mean, it is certainly more practical than this New The 100 nonsense.

    The Raven scene was SO important. She had not had to do the things that Bellamy and Clarke did- so now, she finally gets to see what they've been doing, and I think that Lindsey did an amazing job showing that onscreen. That moment was... ugh. Hard to watch. I do wonder how the nightblood will play in- especially if Luna is the ONLY ONE?

    And so okay, here is my issue with the Flamekeeper thing: I thought, when Titus was the flamekeeper, he was THE flamekeeper? He passed it onto Clarke with such reverence, like ONLY one person could be it? But now there is a whole... "church" of them? SO confused. Especially because there are like, a ton of flamekeepers, and no one to actually put the damn thing INTO?

    I LOVED the Bellarke stuff. And I loved that JAHA loved Bellarke bwhah. I think he is their #2 fan, after Kane of course!

    1. Agree. Something is going to happen with shelter- maybe you're right and Raven will fix it. Or... could there be another level? Maybe there- gasp- still people down there? Probably not, but I'm wondering... and yes I can't really believe they're going to actually cull everyone except 100. Way to be dramatic people. lol but it will cause lots of angst in the meantime!

      TOTALLY agree about Rav. She with the tears in her eyes- you know that just chewed her up. Raven and Abby sold that so well and you're right- this is her first time with the kind of dilemmas that Clarke and Bell have had so many times. And I didn't like where she came down! I mean if Murphy hadn't been there... but even so, it didn't work, but at least they tried.

      I agree, Titus was like the high priest I thought?? And yes he passed it on to Clarke. that temple has never been filled with like other priests or anything lol... so what's the deal? It feels shoehorned in. and don't we have enough characters already? Indra had enough happening w/o a daughter?!? I don't know...

      I wonder if Gaia is going to play a BIG role in the endgame.

      Bellarke. That end- priceless. They are playing with us because they KNOW fans want this, and they're giving it to us. Keep em together! They have that weary acceptance going on where they knew each other baggage, and they're there for it. It could so easily go the next level. Oh and I love how no one questions them. When Bell told Jaha to get out of the jeep I loved it.

    2. I think that more people would be VERY interesting. Especially since Clarke and Bellamy just keep killing all the people who are already there bwhaha. But yeah, the bunker HAS to be worth more than an awkward jeep ride with Jaha right? And also... how does Jaha have like, mobile data on his little iPad? This is so confusing.

      I feel like had Murphy NOT stolen the meds and that girl died, Raven NEVER could have lived with herself. But maybe now this can be a catalyst for change? I hope so anyway, she's a mess.

      I also agree about Gaia- I don't understand why Indra needed to have a daughter suddenly, why there's supposedly a whole gaggle of flamekeepers... none of this makes any sense- especially without nightbloods! What even is happening?! I hope there are better answers to all of this.

      They had better give us Bellarke in the end. I will... well, I don't know what I will actually do since I have no real say, BUT I will be incredibly unhappy!

  2. There were a few really great Clarke and Bellamy interactions in this episode -- I know because I watched the scenes on YouTube. LOL. I have no shame. It sounds like things are, once again, looking pretty dire for the whole's hoping that they can find some sort of shelter before time runs out!