Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The 100 S4/ E2

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So this week we start off with an iridescent butterfly in a very powerful segue into Ilian's introduction. The new series regular- played by Chai Romruen (of Mako Mermaids) - has a pretty grim intro as we see what he was forced to do under ALIE. Then we move into Kane and Abby having sexy times- nice to see them happy- but I got a bad feeling when Abby went off. Kind of worried about her at the moment. Ilian's in Polis now with the Trishanakru faction (where do they get these names?) and Octavia and Kane meet with Roan as the clans (or at least Ilian's) mutter about Roan.

Roan seems pretty chill with O and Kane but Echo is agitating for him to stop protecting Skaikru. They seem to be on a happy page though. Kane volunteers to go talk to Rafel, the Trishanakru ambassador, who is planning to challenge Roan. Problem is Roan is still too weak to fight. We then check in at Arkadia to find Clarke, Bellamy and Raven debating what to do. Raven says they need to find somewhere to ride out the radiation and Clarke reminds her it's not just about the five hundred at Arkadia- it's the Grounders too.  Raven says they need to tell the people so they have more minds working on the problem. She's not wrong...

Monty pipes in to offer that Alpha station is where they can ride it out- so they don't need to leave they need to strengthen where they're at. But... they need a water reclamator (because of course) and guess where there is one? Farm station. Bellamy decides to go get it after Bryan agrees to show the way. Where Bryan goes Miller goes, and -yay- Harper as well. We need more Harper. So off they go- after Monty stops by a showering Jasper who reminds him there's some weed stashed at Farm too.  

They arrive at Farm station but guess what? Ice Nation hangs out there and guess what else? They have slaves! Including Skaikru people. Oh oh. There's some nonsense about how Roan is considered a banished prince- what's that about?- but they agree Bellamy can take the water reclamator. Raven meanwhile is questioning why she's in charge (I was wondering that too) and Clarke gives her a bit of a boost. Jaha wants to help but Raven tells him to sort the scrap- not the best use of his abilities but forgiving Jaha is going to be hard for some people. 

So Bellamy has a tough call to make. Leave with the water reclamator or free the slaves. Why not both? Well turns out there's something in the reclamator that can be set off- of course- and the group are not too happy with the idea of leaving people behind. Plus there's kids. A little girl drops a note that the slaves are being moved the next day, so there's not really time to return and rescue. Bryan and Miller are on opposite sides of this- Miller says go, Bryan says free the people- and it comes down to Bell after Harper sides with Bryan and Monty with Miller. 

So... they blow up the reclamator and it's operation free slaves. And we find out the lead Grounder is the guy who killed Monty's dad. Ouch. What will Monty do? In a rather chilling scene Monty frees the slaves, who then take it upon themselves to, um, solve the problem. No more Grounder. Monty has his back turned as the slaves surge past him to basically pummel the guy to death. Everybody makes tough calls.

What else is happening? Well Roan and Echo spar, we see that Roan is still not in fighting trim, and... he tells Echo. About the radiation. Echo then wants to go to Arkadia (to no doubt cause trouble)- yeah that will go well. Clarke talks to Jasper as he's jamming to Boomtown Rats out in the yard and he tells her she's acting just like the council, deciding who get to know what. Valid point, but I'm pretty sick of Jasper at this point. He's being an ass. And Clarke gets advice from Jaha of all people. "Heavy lies the crown," he tells her, and she understands now the decisions he and Kane and the other adults made. Not that I'm excusing them, because they were still assholes, but obviously the theme here is that sometimes there are no good answers. 

Oh and how could I forget? Octavia solves the problem of ambassador Rafel by killing him. "Long live the king," she says as she puts her hood up- after stabbing Rafel through the ear. Octavia's a machine. After Rafel's death is announced Ilian asks her if she's going to kill him also, but she denies involvement. Bellamy and crew return to Arkadia with freed slaves and Raven is furious about the missing equipment- she even zings Clarke after Clarke says sometimes hope matters more than truth- but again just like last week we have Clarke and Bellamy at the end, together. I'm liking it! "We save who we can save today," says Bellamy.  I guess that's all you can do. 


  1. I stopped watching after S2, I think. :/

  2. I never got into this one but I know my dad enjoyed it. I'll have to ask him if he is this far in the series. I might have to try it again.

  3. This is one of those shows I'm completely addicted to even though I seem to spend at least half of every episode yelling at my TV, haha. Curious to see what happens on tonight' ep.

    1. I am too! And yes this is one of those shows

  4. I haven't seen this series at all but I'm glad you're enjoying it. I will go and check it out. Perhaps I could do one of my mammoth binge watches!
    Lynn :D

  5. I haven't heard of this series but I love post apocalyptic shows. My favorite was Defiance--I wish they hadn't cancelled that one. ~Aleen

    1. I never saw defiance, heard of it though. And this one is very post apoc.

  6. Totally agree with you about the powerfulness of the first scene- I am actually really glad they started with that (fun fact: it was supposed to be in Echoes, but it was cut due to time- but they didn't want to actually cut it so, here it is!) Ditto your concern about Abby. The fact that they had ALL the sex and happiness and now she is leaving? Yeah... that never bodes well for anyone on this show.

    Trishanakru... where on earth did they come up with THAT? Like, we had never heard of this before, right? Maybe they can throw me a clan name that I can pronounce? Anyway. I still am glad we are seeing more clans. Even if they have silly names.

    I liked Monty in this episode. He was like.. Monty 2.0. Still the decent dude that he is, but like, with an edge? But I feel like freeing the slaves, and not killing the guy himself was true to Monty's character so... I liked it. I am still worried about your girl Harper. There's just... not enough storyline for her right now beyond "Monty and Harper Lovefest". Also, where is her family? Like they NEVER mentioned it. I want more Harper this season, too- and not just Harper in relation to other characters!

    So, theory time! I feel like that scene with Echo and Roan, where he tells her that he will let her go to see that his faith in Clarke is well placed? I feel like she is going to either lie to him, somehow make it look like Skaikru is betraying him, OR maybe even walk into something that makes her THINK that Skaikru is betraying them. Either way, I have a VERY ominous feeling about Echo and Clarke and Roan.

    I agree with you completely about the theme of no good decisions. Because that is really what this show is all about, and I am SO glad we are back to those roots. And I know this may be unpopular opinion, but I am in LOVE with the Jaha/Clarke dynamic and parallels.

    P.S.- You didn't mention Riley. Do you not know Riley? He is only THE most important member of Farm Station (that no one has ever spoken of before)! ;)

    Great recap as always, cannot wait to see tonight's episode!

    1. I wondered about that, because I had heard they were going with the intro and then it wasn't there. Explains it. And it was a good one- love the radioactive butterfly or whatever, reminded of 1st season. Where are all the screwed up mutant animals lol? We need more.

      Agree about Monty. Totally in character for him to not kill the guy. He's not a killer. And I know about Harper! I think they don't know what to do but at the same time they kinda need her, another female after Clarke and O and Raven, but... where to take her? I'd like to see her really step up and do something, maybe be a 1st tier player which realistically probably ISN'T happening but she fills that 2nd tier role. I just don't know...

      I think you're right, they seem determined to make Echo a spoiler or catalyst of some kind, I think she's going to do MAJOR damage. Letting her into Arkadia seems like bad news. And you know, my feelings about Jaha are well known but I will say, if they keep on with him like they have so far I can cut him some slack. Yeah I hate him but he has some redeeming to do, and if he does it... well who am I to bitch? LOL

      Oh yeah Riley. lol I know right? Who the %^&* is Riley? Nothing like shoehorning in someone they must have plans for... will he be the one to keep with the Grounders are evil thing? Maybe he'll throw a wrench in like Echo...

  7. Awesome recap. Looking forward to what is going to happen with Clark, Echo and Roan, you know something is in the works. It it me or is the actress that plays Octavia in really great shape this year?

  8. I think that "you can sort the scrap" is probably one of the best insults from The 100, hahaha. Or at least the best one that doesn't involve bringing up all the horrible things people have had to do. It's hard for me to picture Monty killing someone in cold blood (even his father's killer) so it makes sense that he let the mob um, solve the problem!