Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The 100

So Pike is brought to Polis and things have changed... for the worse. People are being strung out and apparently tortured- they're stepping through puddles of blood and Kane is like WTF? Jaha seems to be running things now. They're passing chips out left and right and Pike grabs Ontari- you gotta give the guy credit, he's doesn't mess around- but his own guys jack him up. I'm sorry I don't buy the Grounders just going along meekly with all this, but whatever. Or maybe they're not going along- the ones refusing the chip are the ones being strung up?

Kane is next- take the chip, Jaha tells him. Kane throws it away- go Kane!- but ALIE says chill down, we need him to find Clarke. Abby says leave Kane to me (what's she going to do? THAT should be interesting) and ALIE says they still have a 3% rejection rate. Does that mean only 3% of Grounders are resisting? Then we go six months earlier and everyone is still on the Ark, and Pike is summoned before Jaha, Kane and Abby. Back when they were all assholes. They want Pike to train the 100 in wilderness survival for when they hit the ground. Pike agrees, and in shuffles the 100.

Cut to now and Bellamy and crew are heading for Luna, but they hit a roadblock and have to stop. They set out on foot and find that the village... is not a village but just some rocks piled up. Octavia is not happy. Pike is thrown into a cell with Murphy and Indra is there. Payback time! Indra's not playing around. Meanwhile Bellamy and Octavia have words and she can't forgive him yet. He walks away and they discover by accident a way to light a signal fire.

Abby tries trick Kane pretending she's with him but it doesn't work and when he doesn't give up Clarke's location they basically crucify him. Crazy. Then we get a Bellarke moment- nice, on the shore. Clarke tells Bell that O will forgive him in time, but will he forgive himself? They hug and it's a nice moment but as usual something happens and- frogmen? They're captured by scuba diver Grounders and given a vial to drink if they want safe passage- Octavia takes it and passes out. They have to drink if they want to go- so Clarke says "Together" and her and Bellamy drink. Awww...

At this point I was like where in the fuck is this going? Scuba diver Grounders?? But I'm loving it at the same time. Back to the Ark and if there was ever any doubt that Jaha is worse than Pike, that's settled here. Pike knows he's not reaching the kids, so he tries a different tack- he beats the crap out of Murphy and everyone freaks. I guess he's trying to toughen them up? Indra meanwhile is about to kill Pike in the present, and Murph and another Grounder tell her to stop- they need him.

We then get an Imagine Dragons song as the kids are loaded aboard for their flight. I guess a theme of this episode is consequences, or payback? You could argue both Kane and Pike are getting some karma from things they've done in the past. Anyway Jaha threatens to shoot Abby if Kane doesn't give up Clarke and the others, and he apparently takes the chip to save her. Clarke and crew wake up and they're with Luna, and Clarke offers her the chip- to be the next Commander- but Luna says no. Then they see that they're on a massive oil rig or platform of some sort, out at sea. I wondered when that rig from the opening sequence would show up! Kinda awesome. I guess that explains the scuba people? 


  1. The group on the oil rig is an interesting twist. At first I thought the rejection rate meant that it didn't work on 3% of the people.

  2. GAH this episode. Like, on one hand, I loved it. But it is so infuriating that this ALIE nonsense is not OVER. Also, I am kind of mad that they are trying to make me like Pike 😂 That shit that Jaha pulled about floating him... GRRR.

    And I cannot with ALIE anymore. CAN. NOT. Honestly, it seems like way fewer than 3%, because there were what, like 5 people in that "prison"? And then maybe 5 or 6 more on crosses or whatever. And there were literal SEAS of chipped people. I just REALLY want it to end at this point.

    The Luna thing was interesting though. I kind of loved how she just looked at Clarke and was like "no bitch" hahahhaha. I don't even want her to be commander, she's like some kind of hippie who would just sit around making hemp bracelets and playing a ukelele while the whole world went straight to hell. There's GOT to be another nightblood out there. But WHO? It can't be a delinquent, because there's no way that Becca ever interacted with anyone they descended from, since they were so separate. Maybe it was Lincoln. I am still holding out hope for a Linctavia baby. A Linctavia COMMANDER baby would be even more epic. Seriously, call the writers, can we get this done?

    GREAT recap as always, now, off to watch tonight's episode! EEP!