Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The 100 3x16

Well here we are- the final episode of The 100. All throughout this third season we've dealt with the aftermath of the Mt. Weather story from last time, and the rift between Clarke and her fellow survivors. Clarke has been carrying around a lot of guilt for her actions, and her angst only increased this season with the loss of Lexa. Bellamy, for his part, resented Clarke for leaving and now carries his own regret and shame for his part in the Pike massacre. Meanwhile the City of Light storyline has taken over the show, and here we are- the end of the line for that story (hopefully).

So... how did it end? Well to be honest I have mixed feelings. For most of the episode I was not that impressed- I just think the City of Light storyline has been subpar. I thought last weeks episode was so intense that this one was a bit anticlimactic by comparison. But the last few minutes were a nailbiter- I kept thinking come on Clarke, just pull the $%^ kill switch! She sure waited until the last minute which just seemed like a cheap way to drag out the suspense. I did enjoy the last stand of the unchipped though- Bellamy and Octavia and a few others fighting to the end.

Octavia did some tripped out stuff. First she cut Pike and was letting the Grounders have their way with him when Bellamy showed up- and then of course that ending. Was Pike nuts- no matter how high the stakes were and how valiantly they fought, did he think they had some kind of understanding now? Um, no- Octavia took care of THAT piece of business. Dang she's hard now- but Pike did kill Lincoln so it's hard to feel sorry for him. And he never did seem to realize that what he did was wrong.

I liked that we got a HEA- in fact, this being The 100 I kept waiting for another shoe to drop- surely SOMEONE is going to betray them but other than O's business, everyone survived. That's the other thing- I was SURE someone would bite it and no one did. Not even Jaha! Screw Pike, someone should have wasted Jaha. And is it awful that I was kinda hoping Jasper would die? I mean come on, yeah he had pain- but all these people do, for cryin out loud. Imagine what Clarke and Bellamy are living with. So Jasper needs to suck it up... or just go away. I'm over him.

 The Lexa stuff was okay- it was nice to see her again, and Clarke professed her love. I thought her final charge was a little silly, but whatever. I did like that Clarke made it to the spaceship and then had to make an impossible choice AGAIN! So I guess things are going to get worse with the radiation and they're going to have a mess now. To be honest I'd rather have a plotline like that then this COL stuff- we did get some characterization but as a whole I have to say S3 was disappointing to me. S2 with the Mt. Weather story is the high water mark for me.

So what do you think? Anyone else wonder why all the people in the COL wore business clothes if they were Grounders and Ark folks? And did they really do that with Ontari's heart? I'm sorry they lost me there- that was just ridiculous. Again it's hard to believe we're done- this show is consistently entertaining, and it's always on the move- so many shows plod along but an hour of The 100 flies by. I wish more shows were like this one.

Best line of the night goes to Clarke.

"Human beings have free will. We get to decide how we should live."


  1. I just saw an article in this months's Atlantic Monthly questioning whether we do have free will!

  2. I only skimmed this...have only watched a bit of this season...not sure if I should finish it. Is this the end of the series or has it been renewed?

  3. I'm glad this season is over as I did not like most of the storylines. I am still mad about Lincoln. I haven't heard if the show got renewed.

  4. We are such twinsies with this show, I swear! I wanted O to kill Jaha too. Tbh, I kind of wanted to see what would happen with Pike, how it would all play out. But alas. I mean, I get that his story was not going to continue much longer, and maybe it's merciful this way (to us, so it isn't drawn out) but I hate this for O. Especially after Bell's speech to her, ugh.

    I am SO GLAD to be done with the CoL! SO GLAD. If I never see a red dress again.. bwhahah. Also, the clothes were so STUPID. Why? Just WHY was everyone dressed like that? Look, if it is the most wonderful place ever, I assure you I am going to be in pajamas, NOT a business suit.

    And I TOTALLY agree about the new plotline. SO. MUCH. BETTER. Like, I am invested in it already, and I know like, 3 minutes worth of info about it. Whereas last season, I hated the ALIE thing the minute we saw it introduced. So, fingers crossed! Now, just how are we going to wait 8-9 months for more?!