Monday, May 2, 2016

Game of Thrones "Home"

We start off with Bran dreaming beside The Three eyed Crow-  dreaming of Ned as a boy. Ned is sparring with Benjen and Lyanna shows up. Yes!! I think this is the first we've seen of her on the show? And Hodor talking. His real name is Wylis. I don't think we knew that? And a child of the forest tells Meera that Bran will need her down the road. I thought this was a nice beginning- for the second week in a row the show opens nicely.

Then it's off to Castle Black. Time's up Davos. Alliser and his crew are about to break in when the giant shows up, along with the wildlings. That's what I thought would happen. Loved it when Davos drew Longclaw though. Someone's dumb enough to shoot the giant with a crossbow, and ends up the worse for it. I thought Alliser and Tormund would go head to head, but they're thrown in cells- and that's that.

I thought Jaime and the High Sparrow was kinda lame. The Sparrow called Jaime's bluff, and frankly I much prefer book Jaime to this guy. He's not bad, but I think book Jaime is more sardonic, more confident, and basically more badass. Not even close. Tommen then asks Cersei to help him be strong. Kid, you could do way better- she'll just wreck you.

"That's what I do. I drink and I know things." Maybe the best line of the night- from Tyrion? He discusses the dragons with Missandei and Varys, and then goes to see them. They're not eating, and he says dragons in captivity will waste away. Time to feed 'em. Although what he does is free them from their chain- pretty gutsy. Varys by the way is like eff that- he stays at the top of the stairs! That look on his face was priceless. Interesting the dragons don't roast Tyrion.This will certainly fuel a particular theory in the fandom...

We check in on Arya and she's thankfully no longer on the outs with the Faceless Men. And shocker of the night- Ramsay kills Roose. Didn't see that coming- anyone who's read the books knows that extremely unlikely to happen, given how they're portrayed, but there it is. And who's the Karstark guy?  Harrion Karstark is still unaccounted for in the books, but this is the show so maybe they're changing all that. Sansa and Theon talk and he wants to go home. Speaking of home- we then go to Pyke and get to see Balon bite the dust. This happened a while ago in the books, and some thought the Faceless Men did it, but here it's clearly Euron. We're going to get the whole Greyjoy kingsmoot storyline apparently.

And... Davos goes to Melisandre for help. She's obviously having a crisis of faith, but he presses her.


  1. This episode was awesome. I am really glad to see Bran back. He has become a really interesting character and I am excited to see where his character goes this season.

    Also, I nominated you for Infinity Dreams Award!

    1. I am too, I think we're going to find out a lot of stuff through Bran's perspective.

      Thank you for the nom, I appreciate it!

  2. Another fantastic episode this week- this season is off to such a rollicking start! The kingsmoot story is probably one of my least favorites; let's hope the show can make it more interesting. I wasn't expecting Ramsay to kill his father, either! The end of this episode was just awesome; can't wait to see what plays out next at Castle Black, and it looks like we're going to see the Tower of Joy next week!

    1. I agree- a great start to the season. I'm not super fond of the kingsmoot thing either, I think it's going to take up time on a show with a finite number of episodes- but maybe they can fasttrack. Castle Black is definitely happening, and yes to the Tower of Joy. Can't WAIT for that!

  3. I remain unimpressed with this season so far, it just seems to me like so little progress is being made. Anyway, I do love the device of having Bran see events of the past; there are soooo many that it would be awesome to see depicted on screen (Tower of Joy oh yes!). I hope this will be well used in the future. And anyway, someone needs to call Meera a frogeater; it would be classic and I would lmfao.

    Castle Black was just oh so predictable; the only redeeming scene was the archer smashed into the wall - startling and amazing! (Did it remind you of Hulk v Loki? lol).

    I agree re: HBO Jamie and book Jamie; my hope is that this scene was just a prelude. After the Jamie scene, I thought now he is warned about the church and wont make Cersei's mistake of assuming his words and commands will win the day against them. Now he better come back prepared to deal with them militarily or I will lose interest and respect for the whole Lannisters v Sparrows storyline.

    Tyrion and the dragons was good and as expected; although I do think that if those bolts were so easy for a dwarf to remove, they would have fallen out long ago. Would it have killed them to use a frikkin key? ("screws fall out all the time, the world's an imperfect place" heh). On the down side, the Tyrion line is now going to be completely overused by every adolescent idiot on the internet who believe themselves geniuses even though they spend their lives drug-addled and inebriated.

    Arya was eh; I wish they were doing more with her this season (ie I thought maybe Sam would show up, etc). Sansa, well Brienne is onscreen with her now so those have officially become the most fast-forwardable scenes in the show. So yes the Bolton storyline was shocking and had events occur, but I was completely underwhelmed with it because I remain convinced that Martin would never have written it this way. Again I think the producers at HBO just love Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) so they bolster his character, eliminate any challengers to his power (at least they didn't throw them in the kennels, I suppose) and move forward with him at the helm. To quote Damon Wayans, "hated it!"

    Here is where we disagree, I am loving that Pike is back in and that we shall see the kingsmoot and all that (hopefully) follows. Yes Balon should have died long ago, Asha (Yara whatever, stupid name) looks terrible, Euron had two eyes and Aeron didn't have seaweed in his beard, but I remain hopeful! I have always suspected that Euron was going to show up in Slaver's Bay, blow Dragonbinder, and bring Dani and her entourage back to Westeros (only far more convoluted than that lol). It is my hope that perhaps this is the start to that storyline - although, yes, it flies in the face of my 'HBO has their core cast and is moving forward with only them' thought process. Hey, I can dream right? (:

  4. That ending, I am not sure if it was a good thing, it seems a bit of a cop out.

    As for Ramsay, he is a sadistic little shit and the sooner he gets what I hope to hell is coming for him the better.

    I am really enjoying GOT but it just feels weird not having the book.

  5. I was really pleased with this episode. I thought the acting was excellent and the ending was so good. Can't wait to see what happens next. I am worried about Sansa though now that Ramsey is in charge. Brienne is pretty awesome but not sure she can defend Sansa against that crazy maniac. I'm hoping Ramsey dies this season.