Thursday, July 25, 2013

High Summer Read-a-thon Reading Challenge & Update

The High Summer Read-a-thon is well underway so I thought I would update. I have read one book so far and am hard at work on the second one. Running a little behind here but the last couple of days have been busy and not a lot of time to read. How is everyone else doing?

Also, I see a Challenge is out there, so...

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I'm participating in the High Summer Read-a-thon Reading Challenge hosted by Laura at BookSnob. Check out her site for details and a list of prizes. Here are the rules:

The Challenge:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

1.  Choose a picture that represents a person, place or thing in one of the books you are currently reading.

2.  Name the book you are reading and explain how the picture relates to the story you are reading.

3.  Put a link to your post in the linky (at her site).

My pick: A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin.

The Wall is 700 feet of ice and manned by the Nights Watch, who are sworn to protect the realms of men from the dangers to the north. Much of the book is told from the viewpoint of Jon Snow, who is Lord Commander of the NW. He is based at... you guessed it, the Wall.


  1. I know the wall is supposed to look forbidding, but I think it's beautiful...especially in that image. Great choice for the challenge!

  2. Good choice, Greg. Nice photo!

  3. I have not read this Martin book yet but I have read the first one, Game of Thrones so it is totally cool to see your picture of The Wall.