Friday, February 23, 2024

Sunday Post

There's no color guard event this week. We have an event coming up early March. Then Cincinnati later. This is Michigan State.  

This week is a story prompt based on artwork I love. I'd love every commenter to add a sentence or paragraph, or just ideas, based on the art. It can be totally different from my take! 

The flames crackled in the night as the hooded figures approached, sparks rising on th wind, even as the bodies swayed gently in the breeze. It was a cool night and the fire would be welcome as each figure came forward and added their torch to the blaze. The low chanting swelled and firelight glinted off the masks of those present. It would soon be time, she thought as she observed the gathering, and the raven on her shoulder cawed as if in anticipation.

This week I started season 2 of Vigil.      

And... Movies That Suck for the week is... Tremors      

This week's discussion post is What Urban Fantasy Creatures Do You Want To See     


Here is this week's lyric. 
Hold on this song has a little intorduction to it it ain't supposed to be sad
You might feel it that way it's a song about desperation  


Here is the lyric f/ last week and the answer      

Eastbound and down loaded up and truckin  

   Song of the week




  1. Buen fin de semana, lindas canciones. Te mando un beso.

  2. Well..there went my comment..hahahaha..It is a love artwork and it does remind me of a Wuxia drink goes....
    Odin's Tree

    Had they forgotten she might be more than a semi-devil? They hung there for the taking. Those poor creatures. I wouldn't know which one to save first. They looked the same to me.

    I looked to the Raven, "Why are we here again?"
    "You saw the light in the distance. Don't your remember?" He was too perky for his own good.
    "Which sect to do you think it was?" I looked at his cold eyes out of the corner of my eye.
    "Oh, sis, they are all bad," he cackled.
    I nodded. Yes, they couldn't help to be up to know good in these hard times we were having. Everyone was a fool. But here we were gathered. Hoping for something beyond our existence. And here they were hanging in the trees.
    "They are just ghosts now," the raven reminded me. He could be right.
    "I know you miss that devil of yours." Did he have to remind me it had been years since he went to roam. He wasn't here. Just all the old ones in hoods. I couldn't even see their faces.
    And then I saw him, waiting for the wave of grief to kick in.
    "How do you stay so young?" He grinned.
    "Oh, it's a secret." I couldn't help to chuckle. I only like the live ones, you know.

  3. Wow! I can't do that (above me), but I hope you get a lot of great add ons. I cannot say I know Jerry Reed, but I know that song.

  4. That art is so haunting. I had to quickly look away lol. Have an amazing weekend!!

  5. Thank's for sharing such good music here, that Jazzy Lofi Mix is now on repeat.

  6. Tremors was a fun movie. It always makes me laugh. Have a great weekend, Greg. (And I love that artwork, but just couldn't think of anything to write about it. Sorry.)

  7. That artwork is beautiful. I love the use of color to show the brightness of the fire compared to the rest of the picture. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Tremors! I love Tremors!! Have a great week :)

  9. "In the dark of the night they gathered, silent silhouettes to commemorate the deaths." OK so this is my comment LOL

  10. That artwork is stunning. I really love how shadowy it is, you can't see any of the figures faces, and there's just the glow of firelight.

  11. Tremors, so much fun. I love the Odin artwork, and your story beginning fits it so well. Have a good week, Greg!

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    1. 'The old boughs creaked and the fire flared in a sudden breeze that set the hanged ones swinging. She gripped Da's hand tightly, struggling not to retch at the sudden stench of dead flesh and wished she was back in bed with her younger brothers.
      Why was she the only one here? Did it have anything to do with Ma crying this evening? Or why she'd hugged her so very hard before they left?
      'Can we go home now?' she whispered, flinching at the sudden bright stare from the raven on Da's shoulder.
      'There's someone you must meet.' Clutching her hand so tightly she couldn't wriggle free, he strode through the watchers towards the fire. Towards the tree. Towards the hanging sacrifices. Dragging her with him.

      The artwork is glorious and very creepy - hence my chirpy offering:)). Have a great week, Greg.

  13. Hi Greg! Have a great week!


  14. I'm a fan of Led Zeppelin. Now I'll have to listen to some of my albums of them.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  15. I believe there are six sequels to Tremors, a short-lived television series, and an unaired television pilot starring Kevin Bacon.

  16. Love The Swimming Pool cover. Have a great week!

  17. I think blogger ate my comment so sorry if there's a duplicate...

    Do you consider Tremors a movie that sucks though? I think it's campy but actually good. The later ones...not so much.

  18. OMG, Odin's Tree is not the most uplifting, lol. But I love your take on it.

  19. Tremors was a campy fun! Have a lovely week, Greg!

  20. I actually just finished rewatching Tremors. It's campy and fun. Have a great week!

  21. I drew a blank about that artwork...I can't do better than you, I'm sure.

    OMG I could never watch Tremors. Worms/snakes are in my Most Yucky Creatures Top 3, along with cockroaches and scorpions...

  22. I think Tremors is a little campy as someone else mentioned above, but it is fun, even if it does kind of suck, lol. Haven't watched it in a while. It always made me think of the game about the floor being lava in a way. I think I even have dreams where I can't be on the floor because something will come through. As for the artwork, I almost feel like it's maybe a little more sinister, what is hanging in the tree?

  23. Oh my gosh Tremors! I totally forgot about that movie! So fun!

  24. I can't say crowd surfing has ever been on my bucket list but those folks are obviously having a good time. Jerry Reed - what a blast from the past. Fun song. And I remember when he was in the Cannonball Run movie. LOL