Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bookcover Spotlight


  1. Love it! Especially that sign in the back that says "No help is coming".

  2. Such great graphics for a graphic novel. Yes, I would love to see it in film. It reminds me a little of the riots that were about not all that far from here a few summers ago. It was always interesting to see how all these youngsters were gathering at the old TARGET. In our situation this lead to a hate crime of sorts. It was not a good ending. Although, this is of a apocalyptic nature. But the fact remains times can become so surrealistic.

    Just this week, we had someone who was just released from jail (we did call the cops about his behavior and found this out. Of course, all we got from them was "Don't let him violate anyone" like the're on your own kid.) come to the library and he had words with a few patrons at the computer lab. Then he went into a tangent and told one of us about how much he was full of hate and wanted to do something about it. The holidays are coming..usually, this means everyone is in a bad mood.

    Oh..this does make a great story starter!

  3. I LOVE the Scooby apocalypses covers! I'm not sure I'd like the actual stories as I don't think I'd want to read about Scooby being in any danger but the covers are fantastic.