Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Wind of Gath

Earl Dumarest just wants to go home. 

The Winds of Gath is the first book in the Dumarest saga. It's a long series (30 odd books) detailing the episodes as he tries to return to Earth. The conceit is that he left his home planet as a child, and now no one remembers how to get back there. Or if they do know, they're not telling. 

I've only read a few of these, and the pattern seems to be that in each book he arrives on a planet, perhaps gets a clue about how to return to Earth, and then moves on. In this one he arrives on a world called Gath, a planet pretty much known for the Winds of Gath- a frequent storm that induces people to see things. 

A drug storm? 

Our hero is more of an anti hero- tough, amoral. Yet he often, grudgingly, does the right thing. There's usually a form of single combat, too, or at least in the ones I've read. A pattern- these are probably all written to a formula- but they're different and compelling enough that I'm never bored. At least in the few I've read. 

 In this one Dumarest is stranded on Gath when his ship is re- routed there by a wealthy party who basically buy out the fare. Our hero was riding Low- meaning he's riding with the livestock, it's cheaper but comes with a 15% mortality rate. The wealthy party is riding High passage, of course, and when he wakes up Dumarest finds himself on the wrong planet. Gath. With no way off and no money. 

Of course he gets into trouble and we have misadventures as the wealthy group turns out to be something more than monied tourists. The concept of a storm that induces psychedelia and visions is intriguing. This is definitely an old school read but I had a good time with this.


  1. I've never heard of EC Tubb. Did he write anything besides the Dumarest series?

  2. Gracias por la reseña. Se ve diferente. Tomó nota. Te mando un beso.

  3. Awesome cover! Very intriguing premise! I am sure it's inspiring too! Thanks for the review! ❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️🌸Thanks for your comments! It's great to talk to someone about characters (✿◡‿◡)... Hope you have gotten more done this week than I have. Hopefully, I can catch up soon.

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  4. sound new author for me... never read EC Tubb..
    intrigue stories always interesting to read....

  5. 30 books? Wow, it's taking him a long time to get home!

  6. Great cover! This sounds really good.

  7. I think it sounds like a lot of fun. :D

  8. Are these easily read out of order? Hoopla has the audiobooks for #13 and #16. These would be great for Vintage Sci-Fi Month. 😃

  9. Sounds interesting but I'm kinda intimidated by the long series, lol.

  10. A 30 book series? Wow. It does sound like old school fun though. :)

  11. 30 books sound like a lot. I'm pretty sure these books are the short type of pulp sci-fic.