Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sexy Song Lyrics 3

This is part three of a discussion about sexy (or not) song lyrics. Three of these???   

Let me know what you think.    

Berlin- Sex   

Wrap your legs around mine and ride me tonight 
I'm a slut  

Yes those are actual lyrics 

Foreigner - Urgent  

You're not shy you get around 
That's why you call me in the middle of the night

Baby's- Midnight Rendezvous

I wanna feel me touching you 

That dress you're wearing is way past your knees

Oh I really wanna fuck you  

That last bit is during the fadeout and I only heard it recently- I was like ???? 

Billy Idol- Flesh for Fantasy 

Dorothy- On My Knees

You taste good when we make out 

Cult- Fire Woman 

Prancing like a cat on a hot tin shack 

have mercy come on little sister come on and shake it


  1. From the comment you left me..that's a Tommy James song. Perhaps an oldie but goodie of his is My Baby does the Hanky Panky!

    gotta say..I love the Babys's like the soundtrack of many 80's classic teen flicks!

    Hope you had a good weekend. All I can say..glad the weekend is done at the library!

    Carefully Listening
    The Book Group
    Cherry Blossoms
    Better Left Unsaid

  2. Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol is such a classic! I love Urgent by Foreigner too! This is such a fun post!

  3. love "Cult- Fire Woman ..."
    Thank you for sharing videos....

  4. I didn't know all the songs. Thank you for this review.

  5. I remember the Berlin song well. My friend and I both had the album and were so shocked by that track. We felt like we were getting away with something by listening to it. lol

  6. They're not very subtle, are they? ;D

  7. Uy que canciones, te mando un beso . Te deseo una buena semana.

  8. It is kind of amazing how much sex makes its way into the music we listen to.

  9. Wasn't expecting those Berlin lyrics, not that subtle anymore, haha :)

  10. Haha, I never caught that line in the Billy Idol song and I've heard so many times! Learning something new every day.

  11. I have to go listen to a few of these. I'm sure I know them but they aren't ringing a bell yet.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  12. I think it is easy to immediately know what you are about to hear, since it is already clear from the titles what the subject of the song is, and you have found some with lyrics that definitely stand out xD

  13. Whoa that Baby's song really said that?! maybe for the album only.

  14. Not really my cup of tea. I used to enjoy Billy Idol's music, but not sure I ever heard that one.

  15. So many great songs here and definitely all very sex-related, lol. Thanks for including a clip of Dorothy. I remember you mentioning you've been to see several Dorothy shows but I had never heard any of the music before. Love it!