Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Arctica Vol. 5 Destination Earth

Arctica Vol. 5: Destination Earth

Arctica Vol. 5 starts off in Venice with Mimsy and the Child on the run, still disguised as Carnival goers. They don't escape the grasp of their pursuers long though, as agents catch up to them, but then Dakota shows as well and they escape. I swear these people get captured and escape more than anyone I've seen. Also, how likely is it that Dakota was shot down in the Aegean Sea the night before but is in Venice now, just in the nick of time? Best not to ask. 

But who cares? It's fun. It's like an action movie where you suspend the disbelief and go along with the ride. And this series has turned out to be quite the fast paced affair. Here though we get a brief bit of downtime as the three of them head for sanctuary in France- Dakota says he knows someone off the beaten path. And while they're traveling the Child tells more of her story. It turns out the aliens who found her were from an overpopulated world and they came to Earth to scout it for possible colonization. They don't even know who she is!

Also her grandfather is not really her grandfather- he just took her in to raise her. And that's about all the revelations for this one because it's time for more action. Wyler rears his ugly head again after taking Ozlem captive- she's Dakota's ex-wife- and once he gets the Child he lets Dakota go. Apparently he owes him one from when Dakota saved his life in the Water Wars. Honor among thieves and all that. 

Dakota's like the Terminator though- he just keeps going. And Wyler's luck may run out too, sadly. Actually that would be fine. The Child changes hands more than a bad penny and by the end she's captured again. Really!! We also get a pretty lame rationale for why the European dude doesn't want the world to know about the Child- it has to do with the state of the world and resource depletion yada yada. I mean yeah they wouldn't want her appearance to be known, I'm sure, but that just felt like exposition. 

Nevertheless this is another solid installment in a series that has turned out to be pretty fun. The child is on her way to the underwater lair of the Doge- but Dakota and Mimsy are still in the game.  


  1. Glad this is only getting better for you.

  2. These do sound like a lot of fun!

  3. Sounds like an interesting series. Glad you're enjoying them!

  4. Oh my, I am liking the sounds of this -- and that cover!

  5. This is a series that is working well for you - I don't read much sci-fi but I'll keep this in mind for the approaching 'Sci fi' month - I like my sci fi to also have a bit of fun.
    Lynn :D