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12 Monkeys S3 Episodes 7-10

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Episode seven is all about the Witness. Cole and Cassie (and Jennifer) are still the only ones that know that the Witness is their son- and the group is going back to 1953 to kill him. Cole still thinks he can do that, while Cassie wants to save him. How does one kill their own child? This was one of the best episodes of the entire show for me- there were secrets, revelations, and some very creative writing. The conundrum here for Cole and Cassie, even beyond killing their son to save humanity, is- will they even be together in the new future they create? It doesn't look that way. Oh, and there will be some spoilers in this post.

"We don't get to change the pat and keep the future," Cassie tells Cole. That dilemma pretty much sums up the entire show. What do you do to save others? Do you (and can you) sacrifice it all- your life, your love, your family? And as Cole and Cassie struggle with this, Deacon is beginning to suspect something. So back they go to 1953- is it always Christmas when they go back in time? - and prepare to ambush the Witness and his entourage at the safe house. However Cassie doesn't go. She can't. She does, however, talk Jones into letting her go... somewhen else.

1990. Cassie goes back to see her mom, who was a noted psychologist. She shows her the map and asks for her thoughts, and her mom's take is that the Witness is someone who is brilliant but hurting, and the key line here is he "hates what he believes to be true."

The Witness foresees a moment when Cole will have a chance to kill him. He draws pictures of it- Cole pointing a gun. And sure enough at the end of this one Cole gets that chance- even as Cassie races to 1953 to stop him. And... Cole can't do it. 

Episode 8 - Masks 

We have a masquerade ball, a fight on a train, and a huge climax that sets things up nicely. Jones goes to Olivia for help, as she is out of options- Deacon and Hannah have been hunting Cole and Cassie through time, and they always come up short. Olivia tells Jones that she's thinking linearly, and that's a mistake. Oh and she also tells Jones that Jennifer is misdirecting them. Did Jones seriously think Jennifer would just turn over Cole and Cassie?

Jennifer again warned them by the way about Olivia, but they don't listen. Couldn't they write Deacon and Jones a little smarter? But when they go for Jennifer she uses the turtles  to escape- now we see why they gave her the same turtle from two time periods- it's time for PARADOX kiddies. And the resultant chaos helps Jen escape. The escape is great too- she needs Lasky's help, and he says she'd have to have him at gunpoint *wink wink*. So she points her finger at him, he is suitably cowed, and away she goes- back in time!

The humor continues with Cole and Cassie back in 1899 and preparing for a ball, where they think they'll find the Witness. But first Cassie has to help Cole learn to dance. And since they need money, he needs to teach her how to pick pockets. Fun.

Episode 9- Thief

This episode is mostly flashbacks and shows us who the Witness really is. He meets the love of his life- Eliza- and she brings out the best in him, even as he struggles with knowing who he may become. There's some neat tidbits here, such as Athan meeting Cole (his father) in the future, and later he meets Cassie (his mother) in a well done scene. The plot twist of his bitterness after Eliza is killed feels like something we've seen before- many times- but I liked the idea that he jumps through time to stay sane, in a sense. He can go anywhere- and does- and it's neat to see them bring that to life.

Episode 10- Witness

The finale is here and it's a doozy. We get a great opening sequence where Cole and Cassie are chasing the Witness through time eras- that was well done. They eventually catch him and take him to 12/26/1959 - a date that apparently exists outside of causality? A safe haven, but Olivia knows it too and she leads Jones and her crew there. Well, she doesn't exactly lead them- she stays behind, escapes effortlessly while Jones is gone, and heads for Titan. Not surprisingly, she was playing Jones all along. Which anyone could see coming, except for Jones apparently. And hey Jennifer had predicted it too. Deacon remembers this- too late. And a shout out to Alisen Down- she was fabulous as Olivia this season.

Jones surprised me when she took the shot, risking Hannah's life. I can't get a feel for her- sometimes I get her, sometimes I don't. But everyone's a happy family again when Olivia stabs Jones and they realize their biggest threat is not the Witness, but Olivia. And Jennifer becomes the key to everything when she realizes what "save the dying man" means- and she saves Athan. He returns to Titan to save the day and his parents flee, after he tells them to- then Olivia takes him out. Although I'm not convinced he's gone...

Random Thoughts

 Nice that Cass gets to see her mom in episode seven. She had mentioned previously that she never went with her the last time she had asked, and here she gets to redo that.  

Overall I think this was a compelling season with lots of twists and turns and some great character work. Emily Hampshire continues to be the heart of this show, and she just kills it as Jennifer. And the show is not afraid to occasionally lighten it up, which is nice since most of the time the show is pretty dark. But again Jennifer is the secret weapon of this show, and judging from the finale she is going to have more to do in season four. Which is a good thing.

One issue I have with this show, and it was alive and well in season three, is the fact that allegiances turn and I can't help but think- talk people! Talk it out. Communicate. Late in the season Jones and Deacon are SO determined to kill the Witness, and by extension Cole and Cassie, that it just doesn't ring true- they've been allies now through everything, and now they disagree on a course of action so they're bitter enemies. Amidst all the shooting and fighting, couldn't they just have a parley and work something out? 

When did Hannah assume control of the guards? When they first discovered "future" Jennifer she was their leader and prophet, and Hannah was just one of them. Now that Jennifer is helping Cole and Cassie, she has like no control of them and they do whatever Jones/ Hannah tells them to. Wouldn't their first allegiance be to Jen? 

Did Athan really die there at the end? Or will Olivia have competition for the title of Witness? And it certainly looks like season four will start with a bang, as Titan warps into view right behind the factory. 

Athan tells Jennifer she's better than he is, and that the mission is now hers. This just reinforces that Jennifer truly is the wild card, the x factor of the show- and perhaps the timestream- and that's it her (along with Cole and Cassie) against Olivia. 

Nice to see them make the Witness sympathetic, after three seasons of him being the faceless, looming evil. 


  1. Hm... I admit you are making me more curious about this one.

  2. Greg, everytime I see one of your posts, I swear I am going to try this series. Gah, I need more time.

  3. I think I'm gonna end up watching this show LOL I need something to cover the gap left by GoT and American Horror Story and the Exorcist are not cutting it!