Thursday, October 8, 2015

Continuum S2

I just finished Continuum season two and this season was a trip- literally. A lot changes and while not everything was perfect, the showrunners definitely upped their game on this one. For anyone not familiar with the show- Continuum is the story of Kiera Cameron, a cop from the future who is sent back in time (by accident- or was it?) with a group of criminals who were to be executed. Their plan is to change the future so that megacorporations won't run the government in 2077. Kiera has a husband and little boy so she's desperate to get home- but things get complicated when she meets Alec, a boy genius who just happens to be the most powerful man in 2077. In this time they are friends, but there are hints that in the future he had something to do with sending her back.

One of the things I like about Continuum are the gray areas. Kiera is trying to stop the terrorists from changing the future- except the future they're trying to prevent is pretty terrible. Sure Kiera has a family there and just wants to get back to them- but the corruption is very real and afflicts a lot of the population (as Kiera sees). So here she is in the present working with Alec, who grows up to be the big bad! And Julian, his step brother who inspires Liber8 in the future, is trying to protect people from that future corruption- but he takes lives in the process. So who's good and who's bad? It's all relative.

There are a lot of twists in this season. Kiera learns there are other time travelers out there, a group called the Freelancers but she doesn't know what their goal is. She continues to work with the Vancouver police department but after certain events she has to run. Alex gets a girlfriend Emily, who is more than she seems, and there's a huge betrayal at the end and of course a cliffhanger. This show is firing on all cylinders by the end, and there are a lot of interweaving plotlines.

The other ting is Kiera is not afraid to use harsh tactics. I about flipped when she worked Garza over in interrogation-and Garza's line about how Kiera is sexy when she's worked up was awesome. If her and Kiera ever work together- watch out. I don't want to be anywhere near 'em. And she was going to shoot Julian- when did she get this ruthless? Somewhere around the middle of the season or so she seemed to get harder edged-it seems a little abrupt.

And that ending- felt like a mindf*** to me. I don't know what else to call it.  

This show keeps me guessing.

UPDATED: I just watched episode 3x01 and Kiera and Garza team up. Totally.badasses.

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  1. I'm watching Falling Skies at the moment and the actor who plays Garza appears in s3 (I think). I kept looking at her thinking... "How do I know you?" And I knew that (whatever it was I knew her from) was kinda similar. I obviously eventually worked it out. Her role was very minor however.

    s3 of Continuum was a bit of a disappointment for me. Looking forward to the (abbreviated) s4 when it comes out though.