Sunday, April 2, 2023

Song of the Week 153



  1. I always love listening to a good Canadian band! Thanks for sharing this song from my youth!

  2. A true rocker. More than just a one hit wonder! So glad to see in your Monday showcase!
    Hope you celebrate all of April and find a great place to eat. Its hard these days. You just might have to grill your own steak..but finding a sale just might be impossible.

    Thanks so much for your comments. Oh, my fake Instagram set was kind of based on someone I know at the library who always shows up in a new outfit, a new wig, usually the highest of high heels. I don't know why they try so hard, but I remember when I used to go everywhere in heels like that too. They have some fantastic looks, but to walk miles in those shoes that are actually too big..I would go for sneakers after all they are in the stick of their youth. Naturally, I wonder will they dress like this when they are 60? This weekend, I watched MIDNIGHT DINER the movie and one of the characters is an old guy in drag and of course, I thought of this person I know from the library. Yet, I know deep down they are frightened and are searching for acceptance. And even when they have it, it's hard to trust. Of course, they were devastated the YA Labrian has COVID. Anyway, I had wanted to use the pics I had collected....and one of the faceclaims I use is possibly beautiful in drag (Pan from Caitlin and Megan).

    Carefully Listening
    The Book Group
    Cherry Blossoms
    Better Left Unsaid

  3. Happy Monday! Have a great week, Greg!

  4. Oooh, thank you for sharing this. This song is so cool.

  5. I hadn't heard this song before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Greg, I must know, did you have long hair in your youth? I have vision of you rocking out at a Loverboy show

  7. I love this song, but I haven't heard it in a while. Thanks so much for sharing