Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sexy Song Lyrics #2

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This is part two of a discussion about sexy (or not) song lyrics. I was musing in the first post about whether popular music  is overwhelmingly about love and/ or sex, and I found a wide array of songs that fit both categories. So here's my second go-around of songs with a decidedly sexual nature. 

Let me know what you think. Love 'em? Or hate 'em? What are your faves? And what are your thoughts on sex in music?   

Led Zeppelin- The Lemon Song  

Squeeze me baby, til the juice runs down my leg 
Squeeze me baby, til the juice runs down my leg
The way you squeeze my lemon
I'm gonna fall right out of bed 

Yes those are actual lyrics 

Justin Timberlake - Sexyback 

You see these shackles, baby 
I'm your slave 
I'll let you whip me if I misbehave 

Van Halen - Beautiful Girls 


Sit down right here 
Ooh la la 
Think I got it now 

Now I'm a seaside sittin just smoking and drinking at ringside 
on top of the world 
 I got a drink in my hand I got my toes in the sand 
All I need is a beautiful girl 

Runner Ups

Everybody Wants Some
Ice Cream Man
Hot For Teacher 
Drop Dead Legs

Maybe just all their songs? 

Billy Idol - Cradle of Love 

I hear you moan
It's easy, I know how to please me yeah 

If you tease me tonight
If you sleaze me all right 
If you appease me tonight
And let me ease you
Cradle of love, alright, yeah 

Runner Ups

Flesh for Fantasy

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop  

It's our party we can do what we want 
It's our party we can say what we want 
It's our party we can love who we want 
We can kiss who we want 
We can see who we want

INXS - New Sensation

Sleep baby sleep 
Now that the night is over
And the sun comes 
Like a god into our room 
All perfect light and promise

I don't actually know that this is about sex but I just like those lyrics 

Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch 

All you do is sit and stare 
Begging on my knees 
Baby won't you please
Run your fingers through my hair 

Rihanna - S & M


 Cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it 
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it 
Sticks and stones may break my bones 
But chains and whips excite me

Halestorm - Love Bites


I slither like a viper 
And get you by the neck 
I know a thousand ways to help you forget about her 
That bitch can eat heart out  
Love bites but so do I 

Lzzy scared me in this lolol

Great White - Lady Red Light

Deep Purple Knocking at your Back Door 

This whole song basically? 

Foghat - I Just Wanna Make Love To You


  1. Recently, I've been lessoning to a lot of Joan Jett and seriously she's got some amazing lyrics. I really feel she was ahead of her time. Of course, I like many of the other songs too. But at the moment Joan Jett has given me a whole knew perspective which is totally different from the first time I heard her. I love Led Zepplin. Of course, it's so hard to figure out the lyrics. I really felt most of the songs were actually old blues songs from the past just with a 70ish upgrade. I would really love to hear rustic and acoustic versions of their music in the traditional Black Betty sense.

    Love the post❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Carefully Listening
    The Book Group
    Cherry Blossoms
    Better Left Unsaid

    1. P.s..I'm a bit under the weather with chills and a cough..hopefully, some of what I wrote makes sense.

  2. You have a way to spice up the mundane life I have lol

  3. I love this post. You found all these songs I've loved but haven't heard in ages! Thanks! And you have a great variety of music.

  4. Love Bites is one of favorite songs by Halestorm. I haven't listened to The Strange Case Of... in a while, but now I feel like revisiting it. Have a great week!

  5. I didn't know The Lemon Song existed...😂

    "Love bites but so do I"
    LOL...pretty straightforward.

  6. That lemon havent heard it

  7. I haven’t heard of several of these songs so you’ve left me enlightened! Happy Holidays Greg!

  8. Yeah, I think all of Van Halen's songs could fall in this category. lol Good one by Joan Jett. I remember the video well. The raincoat she opened and flashed her bikini. Funny how that was shocking 40 years ago. Ha.

  9. I don't remember seeing that Lady Gaga cover.. it's incredible. So many great songs.

  10. It's so funny how many songs are sexual but you might not realize it at first. The one that sticks out to me is Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    I was just a (naïve) teen but holy cow - how did I not realize what that was about?? lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  11. I don't catch all the innuendo in songs! We line dance to a lot of popular music -- many of the songs have lyrics with double meanings. Some I can think of off the top of my head: Next ("Shake your cake"), Sax ("Play that sax"); KATCHI ("All katchi all night long"; and Shivers ("Ooh, I love it when you do it like that"). It can be embarrassing sometimes, but the songs are so catchy and fun to dance to. haha

  12. It seems like just about every song has some reference to sex! I remember playing Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love quite often as a teen.

  13. I enjoy the more subtle references to sex and romance.

  14. Great post...I haven't heard of these songs before.

  15. I do love that Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus song :)

  16. all lovely videos.... thank you for sharing...
    Happy December

  17. Fun to think about how some of them are about sex but we sometimes sing along without thinking about it. There is a song that my school plays part of every day in the one minute warning to be in class that I keep meaning to look up the lyrics and see if it means different from what it sounds like. Fun post!

  18. Well, I guess it's just a topic that concerns everyone...

  19. So many songs make reference to sex, sometimes they are immediately recognisable and others we have to focus on the lyrics because sometimes we get so caught up in the music that we don't realise what we are singing, don't we? Lol

    I don't want to go off topic, but I really want to wish you a Merry Christmas! *warm hugs*

  20. As a teen I used to think Ginuine's Pony Song meant something else other than what it means. Sex sells, and in my opinion a lot of songs are about love and broken love. Very rarely other topics are covered.

  21. Yep, a large majority of songs are about sex. Wow, Lady Gaga has a body on her! Love Joan Jett!