Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Travelers 01x03

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So Marcy is taking her condition seriously- she's going to see what her MRI shows. Our team is supposed to intercept a new Traveler and get their next mission. We get another child message. It's a little problematic that the program uses kids to pass on messages... it might be safe for the kids, but is it ethical? Also, we get the question should the team give a warning to people (potential hosts) who are going to otherwise perish? We're starting to examine some of the issues facing the Travelers- the Protocols are popping up, and Mac is adjusting to married life (although one thing I wish they would address- they do later- is the morality of taking over someone's life in the first place).  

Food must be really bad in the future because Trevor is enjoying his school lunch. 

It would be really hard to come back from the future and only have to follow missions, but not be able to do other things, save other lives. 

I'm glad they are addressing the inappropriateness of the Marcy/ David relationship. Yes, Marcy is not Marcy but no one else knows that, and her hanging with her social worker is a big no no. 

Carly has quite the arsenal. 

What would you do? If you could rescue a child but weren't supposed to- I mean, do you jeopardize the future in other ways- what's the right decision? 

Chaos breaks loose, people die, but they save a kid. And clearly the program in the future is monitoring because they get a message to abort FROM the kid they're rescuing during the attempt. 

Too late. 


  1. I don't mind when shows try to show ethical dilemmas or even make it part of the show, as long as they are consistent. It's when it becomes a malleable tool for the writers to "do whatever" that I take issue with including that kind of thing.

  2. Sometimes, I do wonder if those writers do whatever before they have a second thought about it, and then have to magically undo it to make it appropriate. Great write up! I really enjoyed this!

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    1. I am so glad the writing is good! And it's always great to get a rewatch in, looking for those bread crumbs. And about Cyrus...back story...Cyrus' cousin Melvin owned the pizzeria, but he died of COVID in the hospital. One of the reasons why Cyrus came to help at the pizzeria.

  3. There are so many moral questions this show brings up!

  4. "Food must be really bad in the future because Trevor is enjoying his school lunch."

    "they get a message to abort FROM the kid they're rescuing during the attempt."
    Oooh! This is getting more and more intriguing!

  5. Wow, this one brings up some questions to consider. I love a show that can make me think.

  6. How do you not rescue a child? That would be a hard one.

  7. I'm not reading these because I really want to watch this! 😯

  8. uhhhh, I would have to rescue the child. I couldn't not do it!

  9. Es una buena serie. Te mando un beso.

  10. This sounds like a good episode. I like the food in the future line haha!

    I started watching The Boys S3 - omg it is crazier than ever :-O

  11. What a complex question! Honestly, for me personally in this life, I'd obviously save the kid. But I can see how it is much more gray for the Travelers, since they had been obviously trained to like, follow the protocols and such. But like you said, the whole thing is such twisted morality in the first place that who knows!

  12. Quantum Leap created so much paradox by going back and helping people and not showing how it affects the future. I mean the future would be way different just after Sam helped the first person, but the show just ignores all of that and it was okay, lol. It was compelling enough with the rest of it.

    The problem with The Travelers is that the point of show is to prevent the future they come from, not help improve other people's lives. It's been a while since I watched it so I can't remember how they know what to change to make things different/better. It would be hard not to save the kid. I don't think I'd be able to watch a kid die when I could prevent it no matter how it affects the future.