Friday, April 16, 2021

Fear 25

Morbius is on his way to see the Caretakers- in hope of forestalling their attempts to genetically engineer a race of super people- when he is accosted by the girl Tara whom he encountered a few issues back. Tara, of course, was attacked by him when he could not control his blood lust, but she had powers of her own and almost rebuffed him. Now she fights with him as they are assaulted by the sorcerer who is at war with the Caretakers. This one gets off to a fast start as Morbius and his ally fight the minions of the sorcerer, and almost lose Tara to the dagger of... Martine, the lost love of Morbius. She has been ensorcelled by the cult and finds herself compelled to kill Tara, but at the last minute Tara fights her off and Morbius finds himself having to save Martine from a fall off a roof. 

Not only that but Morbs succumbs to his blood lust and sets his fangs into Martine! Luckily he doesn't kill her entirely, and Tara says she'll live, but Morbs is like fuck this he's not going to leave her and go to the Caretakers. For their part the Caretakers are like okay Morbius is not reliable at this point, we need to mount our own offensive. Morbius meanwhile goes with Tara in the end but then tragedy strikes and Tara gets killed. The unfortunate part of this one is the art changes- we have a new artist and I'm not loving the change. The scripter also changes so the awesome Steve Gerber is not the writer any longer- we'll see how that changes the series trajectory in future issues. 


  1. Hmm, I just noticed the title is "Fear 25". Is the comic series officially titled that (and this being Issue 25?), or is it your spin? I can't seem to recall from previous posts... Anyways, eager to see how the series progresses, now that Martine May Die and Gerber is gone!

  2. It sounds like there may be some pretty big changes since they are changing the artist and the writer.

  3. I really want to get into comics as well. You've inspired me. I might just go diving into hubby's collection. Lol.

  4. Sorry to hear there's a change in writer and artist now, but glad to hear you enjoyed this issue! Sounds like a fun read. :)