Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Fear #24

Fear #24 picks up where we left off last time- with Morbius the living vampire stranded on the fourth planet of Arcturus. Having made the acquaintance of Lord I, they are preparing to return to Earth on the only starship the Arcturans have left. The only problem is, they have to get past the barbarians who worship the rocket first! And, Morbius has to feast, as usual.  

That pisses off the barbarians even more, since he drains all her blood, killing her. Fortunately they make it onboard the ship in time to escape, and in a rather ruthless move I activates the engines, incinerating many of the barbarians in the process! 

The cozy ride through space is sadly marred by Morbius succumbing to his blood lust yet again- at I's expense. You know, I could have been a fun recurring character. Bummer. We then cut to several weeks later- on Earth- and make the acquaintance of a certain Blade the vampire hunter. Blade is in the process of dispatching  a vampire when he witnesses the ship crash- and take up pursuit of Morbius after seeing him limned against the moonlight. It's fun seeing them both trying to figure out the other during the pursuit. 

There is a chilling epilogue to this one, as Morbius makes his escape and sets out for Los Angeles. Newspapers report a number of railyard murders- of which our living vampire is the perpetrator, of course. As I've said before, it's a bit disturbing how dark Morbius is as a character.  


  1. That's pretty cool that Blade shows up!

  2. That eyeball guy continues to weird me out.

  3. You know, I'd forgotten why "I" was called "I"... then of course I saw the eyeball in the snippet... LOLs. That is some literal but also quite imaginative artwork. ~Lex

  4. It has been a long, long time since I read a comic.

    I miss reading them.

  5. Ohh going to check hubby's stash and see if he has this.