Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Jonny Quest 01x10

Jonny Quest: The Complete Original Series [Blu-ray]

Jonny Quest is one of my favorite cartoons but I've never seen all the episodes. Here I'll just be looking at the original series. I'm going to be sharing thoughts as I go. 

Shadow of the Condor

This time we're in the Andes. The Quest crew are flying...somewhere... and are having issues with their plane, so they have to find a place to land. Luckily for them, they find a place- an airstrip and castle belonging to a Baron Heinrich Von Freulich. With a monocle, no less. Yeah, he's bad. Anyway, they land and make acquaintances and all that, and are invited to experience the hospitality of Marienburg, as the castle is called. 

Bandit immediately takes a dislike to Von Freulich, although the baron's dachshund Willie is pleasant enough. You know, I'm getting the vibe that the baron might be an old Nazi or something? He's got a couple vintage biplanes just hanging around, and with his compliments of Race Bannon's piloting, I can see where this is headed. 

Interesting that at bedtime we see Jonny and Hadji praying! 

So condors are apparently a thing here, too. Dr. Quest is trying to remember where he's heard the name Von Freulich before, and then it comes to him. The baron was a flying ace back in 1918, with 84 kills. So, okay, no Nazi, just a WWI guy instead I guess. And Von Freulich's mute servant Julio is listening in to their conversations, naturally. The baron, meanwhile, is sabotaging the Quests' plane- he wants to play a little game, you see, with Race. A game involving his old planes and a good, old fashioned dogfight. 

Race realizes the problem and agrees to borrow one of the vintage planes to fly to La Paz for parts, and soon the game is afoot. Oh, and Julio- who can speak, it turns out- tries to warn Dr. Quest and Race, and gets tortured for his trouble by the baron. This is kind of silly, this one. The boys rescue Julio but Race takes off and the dogfight begins! It doesn't go well for Race, initially, since the baron chose to only equip his plane with ammunition, naturally. Not very sporting. Race comes out ahead, though, with help from an unexpected quarter- one of the giant condors! The baron pisses it off by almost shooting it, but the condor has the last laugh, flying up and causing the baron to crash. Tsk. 

So... that is that I guess. Oh, and Willy is in better hands now with Julio, and the Quest team leave. This one wasn't very good, frankly.  

I give this one 2 of 5 stars.  

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  1. Has there ever been a cartoon/movie guy with a monocle that wasn't nefarious? :)

  2. I always loved this show when I was a kid. I agree that this one doesn't sound all that great though. I don't remember ever actually seeing it.

    1. I didn't see most of these, but I LOVED the show. So even some of these aren't great, it's a lot of fun to watch em...

  3. i used to watch it all the time too
    sherry @ fundinmental