Monday, January 18, 2016

Cover Characteristics

Cover Characteristics is a meme by Sugar and Snark- every week a characteristic is selected and we post 5 books with that week's theme.

This week's pick- Moons 

Moons! I've been looking forward to this one ever since I saw the schedule. Why? Well, there is something about the moon. A moonlit night with a soft breeze blowing, clouds scudding across the moon, the gleam of moonlight on water. The effect on the tides- moons are mysterious and enigmatic. 

I like to look up into a clear sky and see the moon there, small and distant. Even in daytime. I love the diffuse light from the moon obscured by clouds. I look up into the night sky and imagine I hear the great leathern crack of dragon wings, and catch a glimpse in the moonlight. The harvest moon on a crisp autumn night. The sun may rule the day, but the moon rules the night. So... here are some of my favorite covers with moons. 

Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, #4)Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires, #8)Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8)Night Myst (Indigo Court, #1)

savor_1600A blue moon

My favorites? This is a tough one but here we go.

I like Goodnight Moon! There's something about it- the moon and stars through the window, the fire crackling merrily. Seems comforting... 

Biting Bad- I've always liked this cover, with the heroine looking out over the Chicago skyline. Very nice. 

Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires, #8)

Night Myst. This is a good one as well, with the moon through the trees - and the woman on the cover looks ready for some serious badassery. 

Night Myst (Indigo Court, #1)

Owl Moon is a nice cover, moonlight on snow- and owls are so majestic. 

Star Born is old school, and it's hard to see the moon but it's there, on the far left. I've seen the full wraparound art and it's much more visible that way, as are the people on the ground and the ones standing in the lighted hatches of the ship. Such a great piece when you see the full thing. 

Savor is more modern of course, and not only do I like the art, but I see Kate Evangelista is the author. Kate as many of you know is a member of our blogging community so I have twice the reason to feature this one. Nice cover. 


And my favorite is... A Blue Moon. Yes I just like this one- a lot. It's whimiscal and the moon is front and center, and black cat. Sold.  

A blue moon


  1. I love the cover of Savor, Biting Bad and A Blue Moon. Great moons!

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  2. Moon covers are gorgeous! I would have been looking forward to this topic too. The cover of Good Night Moon definitely brought me back! I've read that one hundreds of times!

    1. Yeah some of these topics are tough, this one though was fun. So many choices for this one... Good Night Moon is great!

  3. All these are very pretty. I think Life as We Knew It is my favorite.

  4. I always like the covers that have a moon on them. I especially like night broken and night myst

    1. Those two are high on my list too... great covers!

  5. After that intro, I'm thinking maybe YOUR blog should be named Metaphors and Moonlight instead, haha.

    Goodnight Moon is such a classic! All four of those urban fantasies (I'm guessing) seem like books I'd like, so I'm going to go look them up, and I'm just always drawn to that kind of cover. I just bought the first Mercy Thompson ebook actually since it went on sale. I also really like the cover of Savor.

    I looked at Michael Whelan's site, and wow! He does have some gorgeous art!

    I know my comment's kinda choppy, but my brain's a little out of commission after a long day lol.

    1. Ha ha it's a good name but for some reason it's taken... :)

      Good Night Moon I couldn't resist, even though it didn't match my other selections. And the UF's... all of those I've thought about, I'm still trying to find a UF series to try.

      Your comment's fine, hope your day got better... :)

  6. Life as We Knew It was on my list as well. I love that you used Good Night Moon. Great picks!
    Check out my Covers

  7. Goodnight Moon and Owl Moon are two of my favorite picture books. My mom read me Goodnight Moon every single night when I was little. :)

  8. Omg! Goodnight Moon. My son made me read that book so many times our softcover edition fell apart. I saved it because it was one of his most cherished, but I will have to buy a new one if I ever have any grandchildren. :)

  9. Wow some great choices! I agree with A Blue Moon. It is my fav as well :)
    Thanks for joining in last week!

    Sugar & Snark