Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Avengers The Bride of Ultron

Avengers: The Bride of Ultron is both an Avengers storyline and the title of a recent compilation released by Marvel Comics. The original story involved pretty much all- out war between Earth's mightiest heroes and the robotic menace.

The story starts off with the Avengers returning home after a rather harrowing sequence of adventures, and they're probably hoping to relax- but it's not to be. They are attacked by an enraged Ant- Man and after restraining him, they are attacked by Ultron. That doesn't go well, and the team is defeated after a few tactical errors.

Thor then arrives to find Iron Man recharging his armor and Black Panther and Wonder Man trying to raise any reserve members who might be able to help. Hawkeye is available but out west somewhere, and they don't succeed in reaching him. They eventually have to face Ultron themselves, just the four of them. Tony Stark and Panther realize where Ultron is, and off they go. Thor promises vengeance.

The Avengers arrive to find Ultron and the apparently insane Henry Pym working on transferring his wife Janet's consciousness into Jocasta, a robotic form that is intended to be Ultron's mate. The robot intends to use Jan's life force to animate her. Ultron has convinced Pym that he is saving Jan's life, and this is the only way to do so.

Eventually as Thor and Wonder Man battle Ultron to a stalemate, Iron Man takes matters into his own hands and takes a gamble. Threatening to destroy Jocasta if Ultron doesn't release Jan, they manage to save the day- even as Ultron escapes. Jan is saved although Iron Man and Black Panther debate the means that were used.

This storyline is significant because it shows just how dangerous Ultron really is- he is more than capable of killing any of them at any time, and is himself pretty much indestructible. And of course he was created by one of the Avengers, a plot point that will play a large role in the upcoming movie, even if the details are different. The Ultron story would continue and there would be a final reckoning, several issues later, and Jocasta would play a pivotal role as well.

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  1. This looks pretty epic! I need to find a copy of these, I'm definitely curious about Ultron since I know only the basics about him. Plus I love the old comics, the art is enough to keep me occupied for hours.