Friday, May 15, 2015

Ex Machina


Ex Machina is a thought provoking and eerie look at artificial intelligence- and how far it might go to be free. It's also a thriller and kind of a trippy movie. Caleb is a programmer at a Google- like company that wins a trip to his boss' retreat- and when he gets there he learns that the purpose of his trip is to have him evaluate an artificial intelligence. Ava is a fully formed robot, a breakthrough in artificial intelligence- and after spending time with her, Caleb finds himself attracted to her. Of course there is more going on behind the scenes, and several layers of deception. Does Ava have feelings, or is there a more sinister purpose to their interactions? And what happens if she gets free? 

This was a good movie, like a modern day Blade Runner in the way it addresses the risks and danger of AI's (and the rights they may, or should, have?). It's a more intimate film though, set almost entirely in the residence which is actually a high tech research facility. It's not an action packed movie, and there is a bit of gratuitous nudity (you don't need full frontal shots for an extended period to make your point) but by and large this is a smart, effective movie. 

Here's the trailer. 

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  1. This looks amazing. I will definitely get it when I see it out there. Thanks for the review!