Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review:All New X Men Vol. 3 Out Of Their Depth

All New X-Men Vol. 3 Out Of Their Depth starts right where Vol. 2 left off - Cyclops is recruiting students from the Jean Grey school, and Angel decides to go. This is the original Angel by the way- just to recap, the original X-Men have come forward in time to try and fix the future- so we have two versions of these characters running around! Jean stops Angel with her powers, and things get out hand. Emma Frost unleashes the telepathic Stepford girls on Jean, who due to her inexperience is an easy mark for them, and Angel leaves with Cyke's crew. Mystique meanwhile uses her shapeshifting powers to gain access to Tony Stark's personal fortune- uh oh! And original Cyclops meets his brother Alex when the Avengers reappear.

The meeting between the Avengers and the X-Men here is so much better than the first appearance in the last volume, although again Bendis writes Captain America like an ass. So aggravating! There are some nice moments this time around.

Rogue: "Well well well...an out-of-control Jean Grey. It's like a high school reunion." 

Mystique is still framing the X-Men for her heists. I like how Scott wants to give Mystique the benefit of the doubt. Havok and young Scott hug after their meeting, and that was nice. I liked the interactions between the X-Men themselves, and with the Avengers for the most part. I also like that Wolverine takes the initiative to go after Mystique, and the scene where he and Kitty coach Jean on how to conceal their presence telepathically is great.

Bendis uses Jean's powers creatively, like when she makes Mystique fall asleep in mid battle. It's pretty funny when Wolverine has her do it to Sabretooth too, and he gets all sleepy. Really brings home how formidable Jean is. Kitty shines in this story as well, Bendis does her pretty well. I find Bendis' work uneven and I don't always think his stories live up to their potential, but he does dialogue well. 

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