Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Son of Godzilla

So I decided to do a livewatch of Son of Godzilla. I didn't make it in time for Scifi Month but as a kid I loved this one. A monster island, huge praying mantises- what's not to like? It's terrible naturally but fun too? I'm going to share my thoughts in real time as I go. So... let's get going! 

So we have a storm and an airplane has a close encounter with the big G. Is this the quickest he's ever shown up in one of these movies? Good grief we're barely a couple minutes in and Godzilla is already moving. He's going to... Monster Island! Actually I don't know if it's called Monster Island, they call it something else, but whatever. And the iconic roar. Anyway we have this scientific base on the island- weather research, I guess- and it's all secret. But a reporter named Maki Goro parachutes onto the island and I'm not entirely sure why? 

They have giant praying mantises on the island.   

Nice Hawaiian shirt! 

Why are they sending him alone if there are monsters on this rock? 

There's a woman on the island. 

So the problem is overpopulation, and these guys are trying to find ways to control weather. When I was a kid I think I liked this island, the whole idea of it, and it is a beautiful spot. Anyway apparently the island is too hot- not useful- so they're going to try to... freeze it? The reporter takes off to warn the woman. 

They launch a balloon to release the... cold stuff. I love how they just go ahead, the reporter's out there but fuck him. 

Well, that didn't go well. Their shit malfunctioned and instead of cold they now have a heat wave. 

Four days later and the place is wrecked. Radioactive whatever. And holy shit the mantises are bigger than fuck now. 

So what're the mantises doing? There's three now. Ooh, they've unearthed an egg! Is that Godzooky's egg? Okay, let's talk about Godzooky. Or Minilla, I guess his name is. I always thought baby Godzilla was Godzooky- where'd that come from? Anywho... they're stranded. 

Wait... what about the egg? 

So they have a nighttime encounter... with the mysterious woman living on the island. 

Oh, there's the egg. The mantises (manti??) are trying to crack it open. Were they doing that all thoughout the night? Good grief, that's rude.  

Godzilla's coming! And naturally he stomps right through camp. :) 

He doesn't take kindly to them messing with Godzooky... okay, Minilla. They of course don't really get the hint so it's throwdown. 

That's awesome- the big G flames one of 'em. 

Minilla's cute. 

Godzilla is beating the living shit out of the manti, and part of one comes off right in front of baby. Yikes!  

I guess that's how you do it! 

So Godzooky is left behind but the strange woman shows up. Then big G returns and Minilla (I know I keep changing) hitches a ride on G's... tail? 

Goro makes a new friend. 

So the woman apparently is daughter of an archaeologist who was on the island. And Gimantis shows up and Goro may be in love with his new friend. 

The woman (who's name is Rako) apparently has bonded with Minilla and calls to him (like the Mothra princesses). 

She's feeding it. 

So there's a disease and they need special water from Godzilla's area. 

There's a giant arachnid on the island. 

Raeko knows her way around. Her and Goro are fun. The spider is actually Kumonga (I guess). 

Geez Goro wakes it up... clumsy thing! 

This is kind of an idyllic little place Godzilla has going here. Godzilla's teaching junior how to use his radioactive breath. 

Raeko runs into trouble and junior to the rescue! Well, not very effectively. But he does wake up Kumonga (I guess he wasn't awakened by Goro). 

So... Godzooky vs Gimantis 

I hate spiders. 

That spider needs to die. 

That spider is a pain in the ass! 

They have a secret way out. And junior shows up- wants food. Unfortunately junior runs into Kumonga... and so does Gimantis. It's up to big G to sort things out... 

They're going to make it snow! 

So Godzilla and Godzooky are going to hibernate.


  1. You know, I've always thought that the son of Godzilla looks like a weird mashup of Baby from Dinosaurs and Thomas the Tank Engine...

  2. I thought for sure Manila would die or Godzilla with — I don’t even know why considering its Godzilla but that’s where my mind went — but I’m glad they’re both okay and in hibernation. Also Minilla? Cutest thing ever!

  3. This has always been my favourite Godzilla <3

  4. Absolutely loved this post! I think its a movie my son would really enjoy watching, too. <3

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  5. :D So funny! And that little guy? So cute.

  6. Adore los videos es tan tierno el hijo de godzilla. Y son muy buenas tus inquietudes. Te mando un beso

  7. But, he's such a cute Godzilla!

  8. I love all the Godzilla movies but that one is especially great.

  9. I've never seen or even heard of this movie, but it sounds wild!

  10. "I always thought baby Godzilla was Godzooky- where'd that come from?"

    I don't think I got what happens in the second part, but it was a fun post! The "special effects" here are so unbelievably bad LOL. The little guy is VERY expressive 🤣. Also, what's with Kidzilla (new name!) stomping on that giant lizard's tail?

  11. I love this movie. Now I want to watch them all again. 😃

    Isn't Godzooky from a Saturday morning cartoon? 🤔

    There's a newish Godzilla The Showa-Era Films, 1954-1975 Blue-Ray boxed set I'd like to have. 😯