Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - live watch

So for SciFi Month I decided to do a livewatch of a classic- the 1956 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I've seen snippets of this film before but never watched the whole thing- and I feel like it does a fabulous job of evoking the dread and despair that the concept deserves. I also haven't done a livewatch in ages. I'm going to share my thoughts in real time as I go. So... let's get going! 

The music by the way is tremendous in this film. Talk about setting a tone. So we begin with Kevin McCarthy as a doctor returning home to Santa Mira, a California town, and being informed that there are a number of patients waiting to see him. And ooh who is Becky Driscoll? Love interest!  

Such a cozy little small town. 

This kid thinks his mom's not his mom. Oooooh. 

Oh, there'll be spoilers here naturally. 

Doc doesn't even listen to the kid, just medicates him. Sorry kid you're toast. 

No emotions. There's a first clue. 

Mass hysteria, says psychologist Dr. Kauffman. Right... or anxiety about what's going on in the world. If they only knew! 

A kiss! And some dinner. Or not- the doc gets called away to his friend Jack's house where something odd is happening. A body! Except... it's not entirely formed. And Jack's wife Teddy thinks it looks like him... 
I'd be drinking too. 

Later, at Jack's house, the thing wakes up... and has a mark on its hand like Jack has. Fuck that noise. 

Don't call Kauffman! He's probably already turned. And yeah I'd have a smoke too. 

Ooh Miles sneaks into Becky's house- he knows something's up- Becky doesn't wake up so he's gotta get her out of that house stat.  

Bodies are disappeared. Mm hmm. 

Aren't they having a cozy barbecue? Wait... PODS. 

They're putting a pod in a baby's playpen to take her over... that's seriously messed up. 

They have to stay awake. 

Lots of pods to spread around. 

Jack is back... went to get help, but now he's a pod person. 

A world without love. No emotions. What would people do today if we were offered that? 

They decide to run. Kinda freaky having the whole town after you. 

They need a decent hiding spot. A mine doesn't seem like somewhere I would go in yeesh. 

And woah- he kissed Becky and she's... changed. 

So they assume he's nuts, until... a truck from the town carrying... pods. So... this one has a happy end. Of sorts. 


  1. I was about 7, watched the b/w movie, riveted. Good movie, scary.

  2. Gosh, I watched this so long ago! I love the idea of this live-watch reaction post. Thanks for the giggles :D

  3. Of sorts indeed LOL. Whoa, 1956. I'm glad it still holds up so well!

  4. I've never seen this movie! Hiding in a mine, LOL.

  5. We saw this long, long ago at one of those old fashioned sci fi festivals. It was fabulous.

  6. This is fun. They did such a great job with the lighting and shadows in the film to make it seem so creepy.

  7. It's the perfect time to watch this classic! :)

  8. I love how you handled this post Greg! A live watch indeed! I'll probably watch this classic as well if it crosses my path.

    Glad to see you are enjoying Sci-Fi November so much!

    Elza Reads

  9. I haven't watched this in ages. One thing that was great about my ex was he loved old Sci-Fi movies as much as I did, so I got to re-watch a lot of them more than once. My dad used to take me to the Saturday matinees at the movie theaters to watch Sci-Fi movies and we watched them on late night TV, too, so many great memories. 🤗

  10. "I'd be drinking too"... "I'd have a smoke too"... OMG, I love your commentary, Greg! LOL