Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Adventure Into Fear #31

"Yes, Michael darling! We are the same now! We can be together at last!" 

So begins issue #31 (the last one) of Fear with Morbius. Martine (his fiance) has been turned into a vampire- a supernatural vampire, unlike Morbius' own scientifically induced condition. She's just killed a policeman as well, sadly. Actually, no she didn't do the killing- the one who turned her did, she's just feeding off... the remains. At any rate, she tells Morbs hey it's not so bad, we can be immortal together now, yeah? 

"Let us feast on them together, Michael..."

As a total aside- as they recap Morbius' origin here ( he used the blood of a bat to try and cure his blood condition- obviously it didn't quite, um, work super well) it got me thinking about the theory that Covid (derived from a bat?) originated in a lab.  

Anyway Stroud figures out that Morbius is responsible for the murders and vampirism going on in Boston- they were thinking prior to this that he wasn't since his condition seemed non- communicable. Writer fiat. Something about radioactive blood blah blah. Meanwhile Martine is on the hunt, and finds a coed to feast over. 

"Simpering mindless adolescent" 

Stroud and Morbs find Martine at the same time and Morbs has an antidote that the cops juryrigged for him (how did they do that???) but our girl Martine is like uh-uh she likes being a vampire. Morbius meanwhile starts to succumb to blood lust- as he always does- and is like fuck it, she's trying to kill me, I might as well feast on her

Relationship issues. 

Stroud and Morbs end up facing off (these two) again, and Morbius gets shot. 

"I want your blood, Michael! All of it." 

So Martine is like wait, we're still fighting. Stroud takes advantage to try and jab Marti with the syring but she slaps his ass away. He injects her though and... she returns to a human form. 

"What--what's wrong, Michael? Why are you staring at me that way? "

That would be because... he wants her blood. Unable to restrain himself, he attacks her, and somehow stops himself from draining her fully. After a blood transfusion Martine is saved, and she tells Morbs that she understands now what he's going through. After they talk Stroud turns to find that Morbs is gone - he would still be guilty of the Boston murders and she says he would never willingly be taken so. 


  1. Ok, I have been wondering about this guy since I saw the trailer for the new movie -- it's interesting, but "Simpering mindless adolescent" just made me crack up!

  2. Major relationship issues lol

    So that's how it ends??

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  3. That is a great cover and it sounds fun.

  4. At this point, I am no longer surprised at all the bloodlust going on. Redemption is going to take a while.

  5. I think this is probs. more realistic than Covid being developed in a lab, tbh.

    Thank God he found the cops who were supernatural experts slash cutting-edge scientists! Would've been difficult without 'em ;)

    'Why are you staring at me that way?' - Girl you were a vamp. two minutes ago - you *know* why. Smh. ;)